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Mike Dunbar teaches Windsor Chair making in Hampton, N.H. and is a contributing editor to Fine Woodworking magazine. An experienced user, Mike wrote an article featuring our Milk Paint and its application entitled "Milk Paint - A traditional painted finish that improves with age" - Fine Woodworking, June 1999.

George Ainley - Windsor Chair
Our milk paint is so easy to use. Just mix it with water and paint it on.

} For most jobs use a one-to-one ratio of water to paint powder. Two coats of this creamy consistency will yield a solid, opaque coating. Add more water as desired to use the milk paint as a wash or stain.
} Change colors by mixing two or more of the paint powders.
} Stir by hand, by drill, or in an electric blender at low speed.
} If painting on a sealed surface, add our EXTRA-BOND into the first coat.
} Paint with brush, roller, or spray.

See our Applications and Techniques pages for a wide array of effects.

See our Gallery pages which demonstrate many lovely and interesting looks produced by milk paint users.

Water/Powder Mixing Tips

Mix One Part Milk Paint Powder* With One Part Water

Add water gradually until you reach desired consistency. Paint will thicken a bit as it stands- simply add more water as needed.

For smoother paint start by mixing thickly, as a paste, then add more water as desired.

Complete instructions may be found in every package of paint and in the Product Bulletin.

Small quantities (for example): Add 1 Tbs. powder to 1 Tbs. water. Add 1 cup powder to 1 cup water, and so on...

*Note: SafePaint powder/water ratios differ from the Old Fashioned Milk Paint ratios. Be sure to read the SafePaint Product Bulletin with mixing instructions for SafePaint for Walls.

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