Playroom Redo

Ok, this blogging thing has been very hard!  i seriously don’t know how people can post everyday, and especially have something cute/productive to show for it, i just don’t get how some people do it?  I thought i would do better than i have been, but life just gets in the way!  I am just finishing up my 3 day weekend, and i have NOTHING done.  i had grand plans for this weekend – but sadly nothing :(

What i have done is set myself a goal for this week.  The playroom re-do was started about a month ago and its ready to be finished!  The kids have loved using the room and since its 80% done, its time to just be done with it.  So my thinking is that by putting it on this little blog it will push me to getter done!

This is what we started with…i had already taken everything out besides the couch.  There were 2 floating shelves below the tv with all the components on them, but that just wasn’t working out for us. 

Although i liked the striped walls, it seemed to nursery to me, not very “playroomish”.  i painted them with something very cool (i will show you that later)

1st set 002

I transformed this old dresser thingy into something very practical…

1st set 006

 I painted these…

1st set 007









To sit at this…

1st set 010

So, that’s it for now.  If all goes well this week i will show you the finished project in a few days.  I am very excited about this playroom, i have loved making a space for my kids that they are excited to be in – now if they will just keep it clean ;)