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>While i do have a couple of projects that i am working on right now, i don’t have any pics yet – although they are both almost finished!! Yipee, a “finished” project (yeah right, who am i kidding, they will be finished for about a week until i see something that i like better and MUST try, then it starts all over again!).

Anyways, i learned this little trick from a “MASTER caulker” – that is what my dad calls himself :) He has taught me a ton of stuff and definitely given me the confidence to tackle home improvement projects on my own. My mom and dad never hired anyone for anything (well…maybe the carpet layer, but i am sure he could do that too!). I think that growing up with DIY’ers has taught me that i can do whatever i set my little heart on (is that the saying?!)

Ok, so the “MASTER caulkers” tips are to keep a damp rag at all times and keep your finger damp. Make sure when you cut the tube of caulk cut it at an angle and don’t cut the hole too big. Also the best caulk gun eva is from Kwal Howell – that’s my humble opinion anyways – it doesn’t leak, and if you have a cheap gun you know what i mean. So just run a thin line of caulk down whatever you are caulking, get your finger damp from the rag, run your finger along the caulk line and wipe off your finger. Repeat…

So why am i telling you all of this? Because i like to paint…a lot, and then repaint again, and sometimes even again (ok, sometimes even a fourth time!). Well, with all that painting i HATE to tape – i REFUSE to tape. For me, taping takes as much time as the actual painting itself. So the best way to make all that painting look good is by caulking when you are done – it just makes it look finished. Normally people will re caulk the baseboards, but the “MASTER caulker” has taught me to caulk the space between the ceiling and the wall. It makes the paint line disappear and softens it all up – it makes it look BEE-U-TIF-FULL!!

I tried to get a good pic, but this room has no natural light, but i am sure you get the idea – really you need to try it in your own space to see the difference.

**Edited to add – i use white caulk because i have white ceilings**

Wow, that was a really long post about caulk…!!

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  1. Funky Junk Interiors
    Funky Junk Interiors says:

    Fabulous tip! I'll remember the ceiling thing. I LOVE hearing what the experts have to say on their given talents. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    I've never heard of doing this and I'm intrigued. Does it look weird if you have colored walls and then white caulk, or is the idea that it blends with the white ceiling? And if you repaint the walls, do you remove the old caulk and then re-do it once you've painted? Thanks!

  3. carolyn
    carolyn says:

    Love this tip because I am also a tape hater. And when I do this, I can say it was passed on to me by the MASTER! LOVE your laundry room by the way (came here from Funky Junk Interiors). That riser idea is brilliant.

  4. Jen@eighteen25
    Jen@eighteen25 says:

    i am loving your blog… just looked at the whole thing. :)
    i am dying to know if that AWESOME cabinet in your entryway came like that or if you added the legs yourself. i'm so in love with it!!!

  5. House of Smith's
    House of Smith's says:

    I have NEVER heard of this before!!!
    Do you have issues if you decide to RE-paint?
    Is it any harder??? DO you caulk AGAIN, everytime?


  6. artteachergirl
    artteachergirl says:

    As I read this I am having my bedroom and bath painted…hmmmm wonder if I could talk him into trying this caulking trick. May try it! Enjoyed your blog and I will be back:-) Found you through Funky Junk…Vicki

  7. April
    April says:

    That is a FANTASTIC idea!!! I hate taping…hate it. I can't wait to go back over the entire house (yikes) and caulk where the ceiling and walls meet. Maybe I can talk dh into helping, lol.

    April C.

  8. Summers Camp
    Summers Camp says:

    Question(s)! When you repaint, do you remove the old caulk and then re-caulk? Or do you end up with layers of caulk? Will this trick work with textured walls? Let me know, thanks much! *B


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