{Why i have been MIA…}


I know, i have been a bad, bad blogger.  Its been over a week with no post, not that i am not busy, just haven’t even been thinking about turning on the computer – i have about a gazillion emails to reply too, so if you are waiting for a reply i will get to you soon :)

So the reason for my bad blogerness (yup that’s now a word) is that my husband came home from Iraq on thursday, he has been gone since July 09’ – so we are just kind of  hanging out, working on the yard and doing some small projects here and there.

See this is him!!!  He was the first one out of formation running to see the kids, and me of course :)



I have made a few changes to the laundry room since this post, so i will be back tomorrow to show you the updates

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  1. Beachbrights
    Beachbrights says:

    I would say "your excused" and don't come back until your "hubby is home" meter is FULL!


    ~Yes, that was a lot of quotes~

  2. Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures
    Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures says:

    What a wonderful reason to be missing. I love that pic of him running to his family. Thanks for sharing. Enjoy your time together. Glad he is home safe.

  3. Diane@InMyOwnStyle
    Diane@InMyOwnStyle says:

    Hi Sausha-

    I am glad to see your husband is home safe and smiling to be home. Your photo is great of him running up to greet you.

    The Pioneer Woman's newest Photo Contest is themed – Coming Home. You should enter this photo into it- it's perfect.
    You should not worry about posting, spending time with your family takes presedence and we all understand that. Enjoy

  4. Cassie @ Primitive & Proper
    Cassie @ Primitive & Proper says:

    oh, sausha! i am just sooo happy for you! elated! that picture of him running to your kids is just fantastic and gave me goosebumps.

  5. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    I'm so happy for your family. Will you thank him for his service — and a special thanks to his family as well.

  6. JJ
    JJ says:

    Delurking to say- you have a beautiful home – so talented and THANK YOU to your husband for his selfless service to our country!

  7. Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife
    Alisha @ Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife says:

    So glad your husband made it home safely!! Great photo of him and your family.

    My husband deployed a few years back for over a year and a half and it still feels like yesterday.

    Congratulations HH6!!

  8. bullie_mama
    bullie_mama says:

    Congratulations!! And welcome home soldier! I hope you have the best time together and soak up the relaxation and family time! And please, thank him for all of us here in blogland.

  9. The Boston Lady
    The Boston Lady says:

    Wow. How wonderful. And how grateful we all are for your family's sacrifice and your husband's service and dedication to this country! Enjoy a joyous reunion and please thank your husband for his service from a family who gave during different times.

  10. April Francom
    April Francom says:

    Please stop by my blog and grab your Versatile Blogger award.

    I had to save the button and insert it as an image.

  11. House of Smith's
    House of Smith's says:

    That's so GREAT! What an awesome photo.
    I'm glad that he's safe and sound, and home!
    Forget about blogging and ENJOY your hubby, girl! :)

  12. Maria
    Maria says:

    I remember you blogging that he was coming home soon and I assumed that is why you were MIA. You have a beautiful family and thank you all for your sacrifices to our country!

    Can't wait to see how you could possibly make the laundry rm any better!!

  13. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    As I read this post and looked at the picture, my eyes filled with tears. I can't imagine making the sacrifice that your family has made – Sending Dad to war for 11 months! I would break! My kids would be terribly depressed. THANK YOU for that sacrifice and THANK HIM for have such courage and dedication for the cause of freedom. I'm crying just writing this and will probably be crying for the next hour or so. Don't ever apologize for spending time with family – especially for something like this. Family is by far so much important that blogging and inspiring the world (like you do every post.) AMAZING PICTURES!!!!

  14. 1 Funky Woman
    1 Funky Woman says:

    This is the best excuse not to blog! What a wonderful picture to capture on such a special day! Enjoy your time with him!

  15. Momma to Bug n' Bear
    Momma to Bug n' Bear says:

    I don't blame you for stepping away from blogging for a little while! You and your kiddos must be so happy to have your hubby back. Tell him I said BRAVO!

  16. Taylor
    Taylor says:

    Congratulations on your homecoming! I cry whenever I see homecoming pictures but at both my husbands homecomings, I didn't shed a tear. Go figure! Enjoy your time together as a family!

  17. Jenny or sometimes Bozo
    Jenny or sometimes Bozo says:

    Goodness, I don't even know you guys and those pictures made me tear up. Thank you so much for the sacrifice you and your family have made. Have fun being together again!

  18. handbags*n*pigtails
    handbags*n*pigtails says:

    That is one of the best pictures Ive ever seen in blogland. All those men coming home after so long of missing out on their families lives…so that we can all live freely. THANK YOU! To your husband and all the other men and women in uniform! And dont ever apologize for being MIA. :)

  19. Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around
    Anne and Whitney: Up, Down and All Around says:

    so happy your husband is back home with you and your kids!!!!!!!! :) please tell him thank you for all he and the other members of the military do for us!!!

  20. Design Apprentice
    Design Apprentice says:

    Congratulations, what a blessing to have your husband home at last! I hope he's home for a long while and you take all the time to soak in that togetherness. We'll all still be here. :)

  21. Shel at Dreamy Nest
    Shel at Dreamy Nest says:

    Woohoo!!! AWESOME!!!!!
    From one military wife who has been through 2 Iraq tours to another – HOOAH!

    You guys enjoy your time, readjust and be blessed.

    Sending you military wife love!!!

  22. Chris
    Chris says:

    I teared up while reading this. That picture of him running to you guys is spectacular! Welcome home to him, and take as long a break as you want! So happy for you all!

  23. Jeanie
    Jeanie says:

    Wonderful picture of your husband and the others running to see theri loved ones! Appreciate his service to our country. My son has been and will be deployed again shortly. It is hard enough to know your son is in harms way, but I am sure much harder to have a husband and daddy gone so long! God bless your family and God bless the USA!

  24. Pressed Petals
    Pressed Petals says:

    YOur photo of your hubby is priceless. As a former Marine wife, thank you for your sacrifice! So enjoy your hubby. Wishing you an smooth transition in togetherness again!

  25. Sue
    Sue says:

    so happy your hubby is home safe. My nephew is in Afghanistan and we can't wait to have him home for Christmas :-)

  26. Emily @ Finding My Aloha
    Emily @ Finding My Aloha says:

    A bit late to the party…but welcome home! We just made it through our second deployment. Isnt it great we creative people have projects to keep us busy? :)

  27. Cannwin
    Cannwin says:

    When my husband got back from Iraq he refused to let me come to the airport. He said he didn't know when they would be getting in and the kids would just be a mess. So I waited at home…. sad and mad, but it was a good thing because the plane had problems and they didn't get in until 2AM.


    I'm glad your husband is back, I hope things are going well with having him back.


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