Happy 4th of July everyone!!!  I hope everyone is having a good long weekend :)


Long ago…back before by blogging days, i made this flag out of reclaimed wood for my sons room – the wood was on its way to the dump – very sad.  But, no fear!  I rescued it and made this cute flag – it still even has the old bird poop on it (the wood was from a bird coop) – is that gross, should i even be telling people this?  The poop is on the back side – i was just to lazy to scrub it off ;)

So no tutorial – just some pics

Each piece of wood is a 2×6 so the flag is pretty big and heavy.  I watered down all the paint and then sanded a lot of it off.  I love how the 3rd piece has a big ol’ crack in it – it just adds to the “oldness” factor.

In “real” life the colors aren’t this bright – its a little more toned down – just so ya know…

flag 004

I used some unfinished stars from the craft store

flag 009

Then to hold it all together, i screwed some holes and tied all the slats with some wire – the wire was then curled with a pencil

flag 010

flag 007

The paint in his room was a ralph lauren denim glaze – i LOVE this technique – it was easy and fun and so very boy.  I will be finishing up one last thing in his room and then will show you the whole room soon. 

I will post more on my closet tomorrow.  Until then, have fun and be careful with the fireworks!!!