{bad, bad brass = fake schoolhouse light}


I have slowly replaced almost all the builder lights in my house with those that fit my style more and have a little more character – one of the last rooms being kdin’s room (my 11 year old son).

I come across a ton of cheap chandeliers @ goodwill that have potential and a ton of 80’s brass crap with zero potential (at least for my style anyways).  So when i saw this cute brass fixture for $8 bucks i snagged it up.  It has all the lines of the old galvanized schoolhouse lights that i love.  I love anything galvanized….sigh….

santihome, hometour 041

Anyways, i painted it with a silver metallic spray paint (no primer, just a few light coats of the spray paint so it didn’t bubble).  After it was dry it was a little to “new” looking, so i took some American Tradition black glaze and wiped it over the entire fixture and then wiped it off with a paper towel.  It toned down the silver and made it look a little older.  Sorry, i didn’t take a pic before i glazed it…

kdin light 010

I love this light, i love the little holes around the top and i love that its BIG.  We have 1o ft ceilings in the kids rooms and Kdin’s room is fairly big as far as kids rooms go, so this light is definitely able to fill the space well (it probably measures about 20 inches wide).  Much better than the builders “tit” light that was previously in the space (my dad’s name for builders lights, you guys know the ones!)

kdin light 007

Well, i love almost everything about the light except for the actual “light”.  There is a spot for four light bulbs but no cover for the bulbs, its not missing – its just made not to have one.  I looked at home depot and lowes for some type of cover for the bulbs but had no luck.  So i am going to need to rig one up myself, i just need to get creative with it, i have a few ideas but haven’t tried anything yet.  Right now it looks like cow udders – not cute to look up at!  Any ideas?  I don’t mind seeing the bulbs and i love the amount of light that he gets, but i need to make it look not so “udderish”.

kdin light 017

The round part that the bulbs screw in to is about 10 inches – so if you guys have any awesome ideas let me know.  The light covers at lowes or home depot were too small, both width and height wise so its going to have to be something home made.  Or should i just embrace the “udders” and move on?