{Finding balance…}

I will be the very 1st one to admit that i have been a bad, bad blogger lately.  I don’t keep up on posts, i don’t keep up on emails, i  have a hard time even keeping up on my things that “have” to be done – like taking showers…brushing my teeth…just kiddin, i do get to those things :)

But, for reals.  I am definitely having a hard time finding the right balance to keep up this blog and having a husband :)  When he was in Iraq, and i started this blog i had time every night after the kiddies were in bed to check out all my favorite blogs and do a post for my own blog every couple of days.  NOW, not so much.  Husbands require attention (go figure), and after a long day its nice to have time to have time to talk with just him about whatever after the kids are in bed. 

But, don’t get me wrong i LOVE having him home and don’t wish him gone again.   And, i didn’t realize how much i missed him until he does his crazy stuff….and believe me i could do a whole blog just about him and post every day about all of his craziness…

messy garage 008

Yes, that is Santi (my husband).  And yes, Santi is Asian, but yes…Santi is wearing a poncho and a cowboy hat and riding around the neighborhood on our scooter.  Other times he wears his rice hat (i will for sure get a pic of that next time).  He rides around the neighborhood honking at all the neighbors, most neighbors know him so they understand his craziness, but those who don’t…who knows what they think!?!


Anyways, i am for sure not quitting blogging.  I just hope you guys will hang in there with me for a bit while i figure this all out.  I have SO MANY things to share, i love the inspiration that i get from other bloggers, and i love the emails that i get all the time about how i have inspired and motivated you.  I just need to find the right balance between all of this.  In some ways i would like to take this blog further (like adding sponsors, doing occasional giveaways, etc) but for now i have turned down those offers and just need to focus on my family and doing what i love to do – and i will be sure to make time to post about those things that you guys love to see.  And now that my motivation is back, i have a huge list of projects in the works :)


Sorry, for that wordy post and only one pic of a crazy man, but i will leave you with this….

messy garage 045

YIKES, that is my “side” of our 3 car garage which has now turned into this…

messy garage 077

I worked my booty off this weekend trying to get all of my collected furniture painted and ready to sell…I will be back with pics of the goods soon :)

I have taken over the entire garage now!  I have about 15 pieces that i am in the midst of refinishing – and i was reminded today that i have a few more in the basement (how could i forget about that?!

**I just noticed that all of the fronts of the dressers are turned away from the camera, i totally didn’t do that on purpose!!**

Thank you guys!!  You guys are awesome, and i will be back very soon with some pics of new projects :)