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Long time no see…sorry about that :)  I have a ton of projects in the works, some fun – some not so fun.  Mostly just a lot of cleaning and “dejunking” my house getting ready for some new house projects – ya!!!!

I did want to show you guys a little dresser that i worked on a couple of weeks ago.  I got it at goodwill for $40 a few months back and knew that she would be looking super cute all fixed up.  I didn’t plan on keeping the dresser – but when i brought it inside to take a picture to post for sale, my husband said that he liked the new one better.  I wasn’t too sure at first – but sometimes (and only sometimes) i let him have his way :)

The new dresser does provide more storage so i like that part (also it doesn’t have an open bottom like the old one – and open bottoms mean DUST – lots and lots of DUST).   We store kids craft things, candles, wreath hooks, light bulbs – all that kind of crap that needs a home somewhere – and my crap needs a cute home – right!?!  That’s what i’m sayin :)

Anyways, here is the before – not hand carved apparently (thanks dad, because i totally would have advertised it as hand carved when i went to sell it!) – but pretty unique and in good shape. 

(not the best photo, sorry)

messy garage 051

And after…

dresser crib 010

Close up of her lovely little lady curves….

dresser crib 012

I love how the handles are made for the dresser – i’m so glad that it wasn’t missing any when i bought it :)

dresser crib 015

So if you guys remember my original post about my entry way and how i modified a dresser.  Which one do you guys like better?

Old dresser?

entryway.blog 018

New dresser?

dresser crib 010

– And the 411 on how i painted said dresser –

Paint – Valspar bright white (standard pre-mixed color)

Top of dresser – stained in black polyacrylic

I painted the dresser with my paint sprayer attached to my air compressor (can you imagine painting all those little details with a paint brush – no thank you)

Entire dresser was sanded with my 60 grit sandblock for some light distressing to bring out her curves :)


Ok, i will be back soon :)

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  1. Jessica Brunette
    Jessica Brunette says:

    Oh my gosh – beautiful! I just moved back to the States from Europe, and that kind of wood work would fetch a lot more than $40! Well done.

  2. Miranda
    Miranda says:

    I agree with your hubby. The old one was nice (and so creative!), but the new one is WOW! And anything that creates more storage and less dust will always get my vote :) Beautiful job.

  3. Angel
    Angel says:

    Wow that's really hard to decide. They are both lovely. Maybe the 2nd one just because it's a change, and change keeps things fresh and new.

    I'd love to know what finish you buy for your paint. Flat, satin or semi? That's the decision that always gets me in trouble.

  4. The Other Me (is sane)
    The Other Me (is sane) says:

    Love the new one, love the old one. Maybe you could use the old one as a bedside table? You've inspired me once again. Thank you.

  5. carolyn
    carolyn says:

    I like them both, but I really like the way the dark top of the new one works with your floor and more storage is always a bonus in my book.

  6. Polly
    Polly says:

    I like them both, but the new one rocks!! Love all the drawers and the pretty detailing! It looks gorgeous since you worked your magic! Great find…great price!!!

  7. Green Willow Pond
    Green Willow Pond says:

    I'm in love with the new one, although the old one is very pretty too! I'm a sucker for anything with carving, and lots of storage.

  8. Elisabeth
    Elisabeth says:

    They're both pretty, but I like the old one. I like how it can have something displayed below it. Oh, and I meant to ask you, I'd love to buy one of your wooden boxes you made for your grandma's wedding if you want to sell any of them!

  9. Camilla
    Camilla says:

    Honestly, even though the details on the new one are gorgeous, I love the old one. But I'm a sucker for simplicity, so that might be why. I concur with another comment in what kind of finish you use for your paint.

  10. Kim
    Kim says:

    I'd vote for the old one because I like airiness. Believe me, I understand the dust bunny problem. I'd probably let the final vote rest with the overall feel of the room.

  11. Faith
    Faith says:

    I don't know the story of the old one, but I like the new one much better. I feel like you should chop the chunky legs off the old one & turn it into a bench (maybe at the end of a bed or something).

  12. Kelsey Peterson
    Kelsey Peterson says:

    haha I thought I was going to be the only one offering to take whichever one you don't want off your hands.
    So if I say the new one do I get the old one? haha
    No really gorgeous and both have good pros and cons. I like the airyness of the old one. The new one seems too bold for an entryway.

  13. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Hey there, the new one has a more classy {rich} look…but I think it needs a granite remnant top, you can get them from $1-$30.

  14. Mrs. Brittany
    Mrs. Brittany says:

    First, let me just say you are one of (if not) MY FAVORITE crafty blog out there! :) We have very similar tastes! :) I love it! about your dresser! I've been working on finding a cheap dresser to re-do …for the past 5 or 6 weeks. Its been killing me! I can't find one. I've been really picky…it must be off the ground, and have curvy lines to it. I'm open to re-purposing too…like turning a buffet table into a dresser….ect. :) Anyway. I love all your creations, so its no surprise that I love this dresser! I really like the contrast of the b/w. especially around the hardware! Where did you find this dresser?…I've been on Craigslist, freecycle,com, goodwill, and salvation army. I'm in California. …any helpful hints?
    Thanks & God bless!

  15. Beth M
    Beth M says:

    They're both great but I did like the first version with the open bottom. However I love the first version at the foot of the bed so this is the perfect replacement.


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