{my version of a farmhouse table}

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Dear Santi (current husband),

I have recently fallen for a new fella.  He’s massive, rugged, huge, sturdy, he will support me in all my crafty endeavors – which you currently groan about.  He doesnt mind a little spilled paint,  glitter , fabric thrown about, papers and tools everywhere.  He wont complain when i leave a giant mess on his huge top, he understands me – he knows that i am a messy girl.  We just get each other…

I could go on and on about my new love, i could tell you how much i love his big strong wood, but i wouldnt want to make you jealous (and i dont want to lose readers for being nasty!). 

Anyways, i am sorry but you must move on so my new fella can move in




Yup, that’s what i would say – and tonight if  i had to make the choice – i would definitely pick my new table!!!

My dad gave me a bunch of old weathered wood a few months back and it has been patiently waiting for me outside to build me a craft table – and i am so glad i finally got it done!!!

Last weekend, my husband had his army weekend – so i dragged the wood inside so the snow could melt (i did lay down some plastic and a few blankets so i didn’t ruin my wood floors…).  I knew i better get this done while he wasn’t home, because working in the entry way would bug him – and i would never want to bug him (wink, wink).

Look at all this good wood!!!  I so love old weathered wood – i could stare at it all day… :)

garage and farm table 009

My wood was nasty!  i found old leaves, feathers, tons of dryer lint (it was under my vent), bug cocoons, bug pooh, just a lot of nastiness.

garage and farm table 011

So, part of the wood that i got had these old jigs of some sort – i have no idea what they were used for, but they were perfect for the end parts of my table – it was sooooo meant to be :)

I started by taking the 8×8 timbers and cutting those – now keep in mind that this is not normally where i work.  These timbers are heavy and i didn’t want to be taking them in and out of the house.  I am lazy smart like that.  Work smart not hard, isn’t that what someone says??

garage and farm table 013

After those babies were cut, i attached my end pieces to the legs with some lug nuts.  Easy peasy

garage and farm table 017

After they were both done, i had to assemble my table in my craftroom.  So down the stairs they went to their new home.  And they are never leaving, because this table is like a 1000 pounds!!!

I just spaced the 2 ends to where i needed them and started nailing the top on.  I used a framing nailer because i didn’t want to screw them in, again im lazy smart like that. 

garage and farm table 019 

After i nailed the top on, i added a little skirt to the side to finish it off

garage and farm table 020

garage and farm table 042

After it was all done…

garage and farm table 039

There he is, i love him so!!!  I still need to figure out what i am going to do on the top.  I love the natural wood color – so for sure i am not going to paint it.  But i do need to something with the top – i will be really sad if my new BF gave me slivers and snagged my fabric or my fancy schmancy paint clothes (which i put on when i get home from work, painting or not!!). 

SO, i may sand it down a little and put some sort of top coat on it or wax – i just don’t know yet??

garage and farm table 044

In this pic you cant really tell how big he is, since my room is bare there is nothing to really compare it too.  But that wasn’t the case not to long ago.  I am hoping to build some shelves this weekend – and then get all my crap back in my room.  Then i will show you guys some before, during and after pics of my craftroom :)

Until then…

garage and farm table 048