{where i get my paint on…}


Surprisingly i get quite a few emails about where i paint my furniture, people need to know!!  Beware – this is not a post with pretty pics.  Its actually very ugly and a little scary to those of us who risk our lives daily to walk through the garage to get to our cars…we really should start using the front door…  (im just kiddin, we are not in any danger…as long as you move just right…)

So the 2 car garage part is where i store my furniture that is waiting to be transformed.  I have a lot of furniture – it may be a little addiction, but if i see something cute i cant pass it up!!  I promised my husband that i wouldn’t bring in anymore until all this was painted.  BUT, luckily for me the garage is so packed that if i sneak stuff in he will never know.  BUT i would never do that already have….shhhhhhhhhhhh….

garage 006

garage 005

garage 008

The 3rd car garage is my “shop” and paint area.  In the summer when i can get this placed a little more cleaned up, we are going to frame a separate room for my paint booth.  Until then, this space works out fine.  My spray gun has very little overspray, so really separating a space right now is not necessary, but it would be nice (i will talk more about the reasons later)

I was able to get these 2 giant 7 ft tall hutches for free.  They store about 1/2 of my tools and paint stuff.  The other half of my tools are in the basement. 

garage 009

garage 011

Towards the back part of the 3rd car garage is where i will eventually put my paint booth since their is a door going outside.  For now its where is store extra wood and moldings.

garage 014

Ok girls, if your husband has been nagging at you for some crap that maybe you have lying around, go ahead and show him my garage.  Im sure my garage will make some of you guys feel better about your stuff!!  I feel better about my garage when i watch an episode of hoarders….

But i LOVE all my craptastic furniture!  It will soon all be beautified and sold for some cashola – when i show my husband the cash he forgives me for making him park in the freezing cold, walking in the garage with a 2 ft pathway to the house and spending “bill” money on furniture…(lame)… :)