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Surprisingly i get quite a few emails about where i paint my furniture, people need to know!!  Beware – this is not a post with pretty pics.  Its actually very ugly and a little scary to those of us who risk our lives daily to walk through the garage to get to our cars…we really should start using the front door…  (im just kiddin, we are not in any danger…as long as you move just right…)

So the 2 car garage part is where i store my furniture that is waiting to be transformed.  I have a lot of furniture – it may be a little addiction, but if i see something cute i cant pass it up!!  I promised my husband that i wouldn’t bring in anymore until all this was painted.  BUT, luckily for me the garage is so packed that if i sneak stuff in he will never know.  BUT i would never do that already have….shhhhhhhhhhhh….

garage 006

garage 005

garage 008

The 3rd car garage is my “shop” and paint area.  In the summer when i can get this placed a little more cleaned up, we are going to frame a separate room for my paint booth.  Until then, this space works out fine.  My spray gun has very little overspray, so really separating a space right now is not necessary, but it would be nice (i will talk more about the reasons later)

I was able to get these 2 giant 7 ft tall hutches for free.  They store about 1/2 of my tools and paint stuff.  The other half of my tools are in the basement. 

garage 009

garage 011

Towards the back part of the 3rd car garage is where i will eventually put my paint booth since their is a door going outside.  For now its where is store extra wood and moldings.

garage 014

Ok girls, if your husband has been nagging at you for some crap that maybe you have lying around, go ahead and show him my garage.  Im sure my garage will make some of you guys feel better about your stuff!!  I feel better about my garage when i watch an episode of hoarders….

But i LOVE all my craptastic furniture!  It will soon all be beautified and sold for some cashola – when i show my husband the cash he forgives me for making him park in the freezing cold, walking in the garage with a 2 ft pathway to the house and spending “bill” money on furniture…(lame)… :)

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  1. Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys
    Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys says:

    I'm totally showing this to my husband and saying "See, it's normal to keep a garage-full of stuff!!" Thanks for posting. :)

  2. Michelle@Somedaycrafts
    Michelle@Somedaycrafts says:

    That looks great! I saw this cute drawer/tv stand/bench thing at a thrift store for $10 this week and thought, "If I was Sasha, I'd buy this in a heartbeat and turn it into something so beautiful." Unfortunately, I don't have room for it in my house and no where to paint and…… Your furniture is beautiful!

  3. Christa @ Stories of a House
    Christa @ Stories of a House says:

    LOL, LOVE it! After what you've told me I thought it'd be a lot worse. I like your hutches that keep stuff organized. You work fast, and I know you'll get all that cleaned out pretty quick. Now I am going to send this to Kevin so that he doesn't think I'm the only one that can't turn down cute crap.

  4. Ruth H.
    Ruth H. says:

    Um, those have got to be the cutest tool/paint shelves I have ever laid eyes on. It just goes to show how amazing the stuff is that you take into your house, if you leave those darling hutches in the garage!

  5. Snappy Di
    Snappy Di says:

    I have 2,000 sq feet of empty space in my basement… storage space for your overflow should you care to make a bartering deal… hee hee.


  6. Celeste
    Celeste says:

    So totally LOVE these pictures! That looks like my mother-in-law's garage… and that's what our garage is starting to look like, now that we bought our first house a few months ago and have begun the (very long) process of decorating!

    Great pictures! Make sure you post all of the before and afters of all of that furniture as you do it, ok? ;)

  7. Nicolas & Julie Petit
    Nicolas & Julie Petit says:

    Very nice setup…heeee heeee!!

    Seriously, I'm looking to buy a paint sprayer that I can hook up to my hubby's compressor. What kind do you have? Any suggestions???

  8. Beckie
    Beckie says:

    I just love your different uses of the word crap….pit of crap, craproom…you make me laugh!!!! I wish I had that great of stuff in my garage!

  9. porter place cottage
    porter place cottage says:

    I thought mine was bad, girl you have me beat! I'm showing JB tonight…I'm not sure if he'll forgive me just yet…he fell over some of my crapola in his garage the other night and was just using those little words like crazy!!

  10. Erica
    Erica says:

    Love it! We just converted our garage into a gameroom and our 3rd garage is filled to the rim with crap! Would also love to know about the paint sprayer, have been looking into them. Thanks!

  11. Remodelaholic
    Remodelaholic says:

    This cracks me up! Our garage is SO much scarier! At least you have one section of work area… we can hardly navigate through ours!

    (and I have at least one of those pine tables that you are working on and they are being stored in my master bedroom!!! yikes!)

    Hope you are doing well!

  12. Shannon
    Shannon says:

    Thank you thank you! It's so nice to see that my extra room full of junk and half finished projects is normal. I always see finished, staged pictures and I'm jealous that my place isn't up to par. This makes me feel like those I admire are closer to my level than I thought :)

  13. decdiva1
    decdiva1 says:

    oh how i wish i had a garage to work in! my hubby is a 4×4,dirt bike and motorcycle enthusiast. so, needless to say, i don't get to do anything in there!!!! not even storage! it's all on my back patio, which is also where i paint. it's not the greatest, but we're making it work until we figure out something else. i love seeing all that furniture! i too am addicted to craptastic furniture! making a business out of it was a logical move for me!

  14. Debbie Crawford
    Debbie Crawford says:

    Hi! I recently refinished my dining room table using the steel wool/vinegar mixture. I followed your directions and saw your craft table. I am pleased with the way mine came out but I think I’m ready to seal it with the tung oil but I’m not sure how it will look after that. You mentioned that you were going to be putting a tung oil seal on your table and I was wondering if you had in fact posted pictures of the finished product and I missed them or if you haven’t put them out there yet. Either way, I would love to see how it looks with the sealer on there.

    Thanks…Debbie Crawford

    • Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins}
      Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins} says:

      Yes, i did use the tung oil and it made it a tad darker, but no i havent posted pics of it yet. The tung oil is awesome, you will get a finish that feels like butter!!


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