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I’m sorry about being a little MIA lately.  I’m here, I’m just BUSY!!!  I have been working on furniture non-stop it seems for the last couple of weeks.  I have gotten a lot done to try and get the garage cleaned out, but then i keep bringing in more…oops :)

See, my garage is looking better…kinda…

furniturefeb2011 008

Last weekend i painted non stop for 4 days.  Well, i took a break here and there for a coke runs and potty breaks, but other than that i was in my garage for days – at least it seemed that way anyways.

I painted a ton of stuff a creamy white color – love this color, i think its my new favorite – i love colored furniture but i am partial to white :)

furniturefeb2011 020

I had a sweat shop going on here, furniture all over the driveway, everything getting repaired, sanded and ready for paint.  Usually i just do all my own repairs, but for some reason my husband Santi thinks he is now an employee of {Sweet Pickins} – i guess i will let him do the work, but i aint gonna pay him – I’m sure he wont be an employee for long when he figures that out…. ;)  But he should of worked all that out before he started.  Not my problem.

furniturefeb2011 006furniturefeb2011 016

I even had entertainment when i was painting away – she sounded……..uh……… lovely?!?!?  Good thing she’s cute, maybe not so much in that pic because i would rather paint than give her clothes to wear or do her hair…but she does clean up well :)

furniturefeb2011 012

Ok, i know that i promised to show pics of my craft room, and i will get to it soon.  I also get lots of emails about my bedroom with the board and batten treatment, i will get that post done soon as well.  I promise.

And i promise no more pics of my garage – just cute furniture.  But this is my life right now :)

If anyone is local (SLC, UT) i have listed a few little things on my {Sweet Pickins} site that are for sale

Hall table or super cute TV console (i imagine it in a girls room)

furniturefeb2011 054

Side table

furniturefeb2011 037

And a headboard turned shelf

furniturefeb2011 062

If any of those items interest you, go over to {Sweet Pickins} for pricing and contact information

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  1. sweet european dreams
    sweet european dreams says:

    work it! Our garages look a lot alike….lots of projects! Unfortunately it's still too cold here to paint, so everything is gathering dust… Love the headboard transformation – smart!

  2. Miranda
    Miranda says:

    Love this post. I've had times in my life like that where I drug tons of things out to paint. It looked like garage sale. Your painting is spectacular though, it all looks so great!

    I totally want the headboard turned shelf. Too bad it would too spendy to ship to AK :( Bummer deal.

  3. Julie
    Julie says:

    The rocking chair in the lower right hand corner of the first photo — please do a follow up when you've finished it. I need to refinish one exactly like it and would love some ideas!

  4. { The Painted Home }
    { The Painted Home } says:

    I love it all! wish i was closer. I'm on the east coast. can you tell me the paint color on the console? perfection!
    d e n i s e

  5. Katie
    Katie says:

    How can a guy resist powertools? LOL And, that last piece is gorgeous! Love the color.

    Oh, and eagerly awaiting your board and batten post, too — I'm wanting to do that in the baby room and have no idea where to start!

  6. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    OMG! That rocking chair, is it possible for you to send me a picture of it before you do anything to it? I just have to see it. It looks EXACTLY like the rocking chair that my mom used to have. We unfortunately lost hers in hurricane Katrina, but I still remember what it looked like, all the way down to that hideous gold paint decorating it. I would so appreciate it if I heard from you. Please email me at midnightsun_designs@yahoo.com if you are able.

    Thank you so much!

  7. Heather
    Heather says:

    Those are gorgeous!! You have inspired me to turn junk into lovely things.=) I got a crappy shelf on wheels for free and my husband thought I was crazy for trying to make it better. But I painted it (5 coats, ugh) and roughed it up a little and it is a lovely toilet paper holder/cabinet in our bathroom. Also, painted an old looking table we have had forever. I love it! We were in a questionable area the other day and I saw a cushioned awesome looking chair on the side of the road. If I wasn't afraid for my life, I would have picked it up! Thanks for all your hard work. Amazing!

  8. Kim @ Second Time Furniture
    Kim @ Second Time Furniture says:

    Everything looks fantastic! Lucky you, to have a free employee!

    I see you've still got snow…did you use your spray gun for these projects? I just sprayed a piece today and I think it was a bit too cold because my paint bubbled just a bit. Still, it was totally worth it…I'll just distress those areas! :)

  9. Christa @ Stories of a House
    Christa @ Stories of a House says:

    Love all the great pictures, Sausha! Santi is a keeper for getting in there with the sander. Maybe he just wants his garage back? I love your antiqued blue pieces – will have to chat with you about that.

  10. The DIY Show Off
    The DIY Show Off says:

    Brrrrr! lol I'm so ready for spring! LOOK at all of that awesomeness and the cutest little girl ever! Love it! Now…of to Sweet Pickins to take a look around. :)



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