I got this computer armoire a while back and loved its cute curved top and raised panel doors right away.  BUT – it was a computer armoire, do people really use those anymore?  I don’t know?  But, i had an idea for it right away – how’s about a craft hutch?  If i didn’t have a dedicated craft room i definitely would use this piece :)

I started with this…cute right?  Well cute bones anyways.

garage and farm table 024

Then  i gave it my blue/green oops paint color and heavily glazed it with a brown stain – i talked about glazing here.  AND, i get emails all the time about this color.  It was an oops paint and the nice guys @ Lowes blacked everything out on top of the can with a black marker.  I cant see a thing – i tried.  SO, when i get it matched – which i will because i use this paint A LOT, i will post it here for all to see :)

And the after…  better huh?  But wait till you see its guts…

crafthutch1 038

Ahhhh yaaaaa….cute huh?  Well, i think so anyways. 

crafthutch1 045

I took off the back panel, added pegboard for some hanging storage.  Put chalkboard and pegboard on the insides of the doors.  Made some little fabric baskets (which are included if you were to buy this piece).

It has a large desk that slides out and then a smaller one slides out from that one.  Nifty. 

crafthutch1 048

crafthutch1 049

Some more storage with a big ol drawer for stashin all that junk

crafthutch1 051

crafthutch1 052

Anyways, tell me what you guys think?  Would people use this?  Would you use something like this if you didn’t have a craft room?  Thoughts please because i come across a lot of these computer armoires.  Thanks!!!

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