{Cutest little side table – a refinish}



1st – can i just say that i thought that i was going to have way more time for blogging – uhhhh…no i dont!!!  I am so busy with furniture its crazy!!!  I’m definitely not complaining – i love that people are buying my stuff before its even done!!!  It makes me believe that this whole thing will work out great :)

Anyways – on to the fun stuff!

Emily @ Notions on Nesting brought over some pieces a while back for some fresh paint.  One of the pieces was this antique little side table – not in the best shape, but super cute.

All – well most of the paint had already been stripped so i gave it a light sand and painted it a creamy white, then heavily distressed it with a 60 grit sanding block.

The top was stained, then after the stain was dry, the same creamy white was dry brushed on top and then i took some steel wool to it and sanded off some of the white.  Love the top – Love the table!! 


furniturefeb2011 004


furniturefeb2011 046

furniturefeb2011 051

furniturefeb2011 052

furniturefeb2011 049 

Go and visit Emily @ Notions on Nesting – she just had her 5th baby!!! – he is so cute!!!

I have so many furniture re-do’s to share – be back soon…