{Some changes for me – good, happy changes}


I QUIT MY JOB!!!!!!!

For a while now, i have really wanted to quit my full time job as a court clerk (10 years this June).  It had been nagging at me for some time now, seriously buggin me.  I didn’t want to quit because i didn’t like my job – in fact that made the decision all the harder, because for the most part i have really liked working as a court clerk.  But, i knew that there was something else for me – i knew in my little heart that furniture is my thing.  I would go to work every day feeling anxious – like i needed to be home painting.  I would think about furniture stuff all day!!!

So me and my husband went back and forth for a while, we made plans, we changed plans then changed plans again – and in the end we made the decision that now is as good as time as any to leave my job, stay home with my kids and pursue my little furniture hobby. 

I was so excited, nervous and scared all at the same time about quitting and doing my own thing – this was a HUGE decision!!!

But, i did it and couldn’t be happier!!  Its only been a week now so i need to figure some things out – but it will all come together :)

I have been painting non-stop this week – so there will be a lot more before and afters coming soon.  And since i was doing furniture in ALL of my spare time, i can now have my “own” time back and get back to doing projects in my house – and there is a ton that i want to do this summer!!  I plan on working 6-4 M-F on furniture/blogging and then have my nights and weekends back for house projects – oh ya, and time with the family :)

Look at these flowers that my husband sent me on my last day – so sweet!

crafthutch1 015

Can you read his message?  I told him that i am totally framing this up so the next time that he complains about my garage i am going to show it to him – i really should just laminate and wear it around my neck since he complains often!!

crafthutch1 014

Oh ya – and i know a lot of people that read daily quotes for some inspiration – well, i had a little bit of inspiration myself.  I saved all of my fortunes (only the ones that i liked of course and could apply it to my life!) and taped them up @ work – reading them daily!!  Some people like famous smart people – i like chinese food…whatever works right?

crafthutch1 017

And i am hoping now that i can contribute more time to my blog, so all those posts that i have been promising WILL happen soon!!