{the NOT SO PRETTY part of painting}


For the most part…usually…well…almost always…pretty much – my paint projects go off without a hitch – some of course are a little more involved than others, some take a little more time than planned, some are easier than planned – BUT – some turn into BIG FAT pains in my booty.

Painting is not always fun – of course putting on the paint is fun, taking the “after” shot is fun, putting money in my pocket for my hard work is fun – but when mess ups happen – NOT FUN.  Not fun at all.

Take these 2 projects for example.  This is what i am working on right now – i am on break now, so i thought i would share my misery :)

This table i seriously got about a month ago – yes, i have had it for a month(its a refinish that i am doing for someone).  We thought that it was all wood, so i was just going to stain the top.  Well – its not all wood…wood and MDF.  So, we decided to paint it black again – didnt like it.  I decided to repaint with an enamel paint so it was more like the factory finish – didnt like it.  So now  its being sanded down to try another option – wish me luck.  Poor lady without a table – but she is very understanding :)

yuck 001

Then this cute little table was dropped off for a simple repaint.  For some reason my primer bubbled – so guess what i am doing today.  I grabbed my trusty cleaning toothbrush and have spent lots of time cleaning the primer out of all those little details.  Ugggghhhhh……

yuck 003

yuck 004

yuck 006

doesn’t  this look like fun??!!

yuck 006

i have lots to say on this whole painting thing – but i will save that for another day.  But – i just wanted to show that its not all pretty in the furniture painting biz – not pretty at all….  :)