{White Slip-Covers}


Oh how i love slip covers – especially white slip covers.  I have wanted them forever and why when we bought our couches 4 years ago we didn’t buy them then – i don’t know.  But i have them now :)

If you have been following me for a while – you know that before Santi came home from Iraq – like a weekend or so before – i ripped up my couches (back cushions were attached) and made my own slips in a 2 day weekend.

They turned out pretty good i thought for being a self taught sewer and being in a time crunch.  But i wanted piping and zippers and my sewing machine couldn’t handle all the layers – so i had to give up the idea of piping, and then i was just too lazy to figure out the zippers.

They worked for a while – but i decided that i wanted to have them professionally done – and i am so glad i did.  I couldn’t be happier with them – seriously sometimes i walk into the room and just stare at them, they are such cute, comfy little things :)

And, so many people ask me about the white.  People tell me that they could never have white with their kids and dogs.  But, that is exactly why i have white.  I have kids and dogs.  White is the only color that you can throw  in the washer and bleach – then they are as good as new.  I will never have a regular couch again (if i have my say and i usually do) – they will always be slip covered.  Seeing how dirty these things can get – and then the only reason i am seeing the dirt is because they are white – imagine what a darker color sofa is hiding?  yuck.

Since i have got them (early Dec 2010) i have washed them about once a month.  Just wash them in cold and hang them to dry.  I like the semi-wrinkled look – its looks more relaxing to me.  PLUS – if just one gets spilled on or dirty – its so easy just to throw that one in the wash. 

Before – couches getting ready for their new digs (my couches had attached back cushions, but i wanted loose ones, so i took those off and bought some big fluffy pillows to use instead – so much better)

table weathering 007

And after – so much better.  Doesn’t it make the space look more relaxed and fresh?  Why.. yes it does!!

table weathering 019

table weathering 023

table weathering 026

table weathering 030

So, if you are in need of some slips – Shelley with Custom Slipcovers by Shelley did a great job – seriously, so well made and easy to get on and off.  I have one more chair that goes in that room that i need to get done as soon as i can figure out what i want :)

So – do you have white slips?  Do you want white slips?  Do you NEED white slips?!?!