{ahhh…thats better} – the jute rug is back!!


So, after i bought this rug that i loved but didnt work for my space, i returned it and then i went shopping (shopping is supposed to be fun, this wasnt)  Nothing worked.  No good rug to be found…

I knew i already had the perfect rug for my space, but i needed to convince Santi to let me bring it back.  He hated the jute rug!

The problem with the jute rug is that it has all these little holes in it.  Well, our house is super dusty.  I think partly because we dont have carpet, only hardwood so you can see all the dust.  We also have a doggy door that i think blows in dust and we dont have much grass in the backyard.  So, with all those things combined, dust piled up under the rug.  It was nasty, i admit it.  But, it was hidden so i didnt care!!

But, i did buy a new vacuum a while back so now i am able to fold half the rug over, vacuum, fold the other half over, vacuum and wa-la, clean floor!

Anyways, with a little convincing i got him to bring the jute rug from out of storage and i got back in my family room yesterday.  Happy at last :)

jute rug 002

I love the texture – and its not very rough on the feet – maybe a little, but who cares when its this cute?!

jute rug 004

Even this little bug eyed creature likes it :)

jute rug 006

Ahhh…so much more fitting for my space.  It creates that beachy, relaxed look that i like.  And it adds some softness to this room, since the only soft fabricy things that i have are the couches.  Love it.

jute rug 007

Better huh??!!

FYI – i bought this rug @ Ikea (right around $90 i think)