{The basement}


Im back!!  Filming my house for the Nate Show was hard work!!  Making every room stay clean for a day was tough!!  But – the actual filming and seeing yourself on camera is even tougher – way harder than I thought!!  And thanks to everyone for your sweet comments and emails – still trying to get back to everyone :)

Anyways – during all the last couple weeks of craziness, we got to work on our basement, again.  We have worked on our basement here and there, and have got the basics done – but we have a ton of work left to do.

A couple of years ago we started the basement.  We hired out the framing and drywall, but we have done the electrical, the plumbing and the floors – and we will do all the rest. 

I don’t have any “before before” pics that I can find right now, but I wanted to show you what I started with a couple of weeks ago.  For some reason, when I painted the walls yellow a couple of years ago, I thought I wanted our molding lower (board and batten) – but I changed my mind now.  Now the yellow is going, and the board and batten will be higher.

I am way excited to get going on this!!  I am ready for the painting to be done and the molding so we can get started on some fun stuff!!  I have lots of ideas for this space and cant wait to get started decorating!!

Picture overload – didn’t I mention the basement is big!!  SO much molding and painting to do!!!

I am so glad we left the basement open – no spare rooms for us.  Down here will be a family room, pool table and a huge kitchen.  To the right of the stairs is a playroom, home theatre room and my craft room.


Don’t you just love my tub?!  We are hoping to refinish that and use it down here, but the plumbing may not work out…I am so jealous of anyone that gets to use a clawfoot tub everyday!


(the glass on the bathroom doors will be frosted)- Santi insisted that the bathroom have french doors to match the rest of the basement!



Where that door is now, used to be a window.  We had the concrete cut for a couple hundred dollars and put in a door to the backyard.








And a sneak peak of a project we worked on over the weekend down here – be back tomorrow to show you what it is – I love how it turned out!!  Also I got everything painted (the new top color at least) and I LOVE the new color – so glad to get rid of that yellow