{Before & After} – pair of chairs

I finished up these matching set of chairs a while back.  While i was looking for some other pics, i found these and remembered how cute they were!

They started off with a darker stained finish and some lovely dragonfly fabric – which im sure was awesome sometime or another, but they needed an update.

I removed the cushion and then painted them in a bright white (Behr Ultra White), then they were distressed and clear coated.  The seat cushions were recovered in a thick gray fabric that i found @ Joanns – i loved it so much i bought extra to make some pillows for my couch :)  I love the white with the gray, it looks so fresh and clean.


paint – Behr Ultra White

clear coat – Varathane in a Gloss

Fabric – Joanns

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  1. Jenni V
    Jenni V says:

    What finish do you use when you paint your furniture? Flat, Satin, Eggshell or Semi-gloss? Also, have you used milk paint? I have a lot of furniture I want to paint and need some tips. Your website has definitely inspired me. I love it and love everything you do. Thanks :)

    • Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins}
      Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins} says:

      usually satin or semi gloss. And yes, i have used milk paint for a few things, but i think the same look can be accomplished with regular latex paint, and for me its a lot more cost effective and time saving if i use latex (because i spray all my furniture)

  2. Cheryl
    Cheryl says:

    Love all of your stuff. I enjoy seeing everything you’ve done and the process. I’ve finished several pieces using your techniques. Thanks so much.

  3. Sandra Licher
    Sandra Licher says:

    I’m still reeling from the beautiful dresser you did! But those chairs are sweet! I’m a color person myself so I may have to try your technique in Mary Engelbreit style colors. I’m very slow though so I’ll let you know when I have pics but it might be awhile. Just a hint…I bought some red and yellow paint….bright….it would probably give you nightmares! LOL! We’ll see……..I do love your work though…could I be toning down a bit from my brights? Nahh….probably not. Ha! Ha!

  4. Amanda
    Amanda says:

    I love these chairs. Is the dark edges you can see where it’s distressed just the stain peaking through from below the white paint? I have a red chair that I want to be distressed with black “edges” and trying to figure out how to achieve that. Nice job on these! They’re beautiful.

  5. bonnie johnson
    bonnie johnson says:

    just love the work you do and telling us how you did it.I wish you were my neighbor.lol. do you use a big spray gun. did you first use a spray cans?Let us know if you ever do vedios?

  6. Jennifer C.
    Jennifer C. says:

    Do you recommend a certain machine for painting using a hand-held spray? I’m quite new to this but repainting my pieces by hand is just a killer. Any advice is appreciated – thanks!!!

  7. Jen
    Jen says:

    I love your work! Have you ever glazed over a pure white paint like you used on these chairs? I am going to glaze the legs of a table and I’m trying to decide on whether I should use a pure white or a creamy white. I want to use pure white but not sure how the glaze will look in pure white. I am using your glazing technique you blogged about. Thanks!


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