{Paint me a Piano} – before & after

Its piano week here @ Sweet Pickins – ive done 2 pianos this week and have some more in the works.  And i learned that i LOVE to paint pianos!  I love the taking apart and putting back together process the best – its kinda like a puzzle and i love me some puzzles!

If you missed my 1st piano re-do, check out this post.  Since then i have been looking for my own piano and have only looked for an upright piano with lots of details, but after finishing this one up, i think that this style is also super cute and can fit in most styles of decor.  It can either go more modern or can def be shabbied up – so i might have to consider this style as well for my future piano.


Anyways, here is the before…boring orangeish oak…blah…nice piano, but def boring

And the after….OH YA!!  Now thats a statement piece!!!  In real life the color is a little more toned down, but its still a fun, bright color.

My client actually brought me in a post it note that was the perfect color, so i had it color matched by Sherwin Williams and this is the formula…this is in the sample quarts that they sell if you want to get some.

Since this piano is so simple, we went for lighter distressing, i just hit the edges to give it a little more dimension.

I followed the same basic steps on this piano re-do that i did on my last one.  It does have to come all apart to be sprayed properly, but its not hard and is def worth taking apart rather than trying to tape off.


What do you think?!  I know painted pianos arent for everyone, thats for sure!  But when i find me the perfect piano i will for sure be painting it so i can enjoy it even more – because who knows when i will actually find the time to learn to play one, so it might as well look good in the meantime!!  

I will be back in a couple days with another awesome painted piano – and im still working on my “Ask Me Anything Questions” – so check back soon!