{Recipe} – Cream Cheese Fruit Dip

I just wanted to drop in with a quick post to let everyone know of this super yummy and super easy fruit dip.  Ive been making this for a few years now and thought i would share it with ya.  Its the perfect summer snack with all the fresh fruit that is available.  I especially love it with strawberries and pineapple – delish!!

You just start out with a block of cream cheese (room temp) and a jar of marshmallow cream.

Put them both in a mixing bowl and throw in the microwave for about 30 seconds – just to make it a little easier to stir up.  Thats not my hand – thats Kdin trying to steal some – he would eat this by the bowl full if i let him!!  i only wish i was that tan….

See how he snuck that big spoon full!

Thats it!  I normally just eat it this way, but you can add a little vanilla if you wanted or even some yogurt or jam to add a light fruity flavor.  SO yummy – you gotta try it!!  Anything with cream cheese is awesomeness!

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  1. Heidi Allred
    Heidi Allred says:

    This is my FAVE fruit dip. I love it with bananas too. So so so so good. Gosh, I wonder why I’ve gained those 15 lbs back… I just can’t figure it out. LOL!

  2. micahv
    micahv says:

    I soooo knew this was the recipe you were going to post (well i hoped when i read the title) if not i was going to tell you about it!! Haha! No other fruit dip will ever compare!! Yumm!!


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