{Tale of a Table} – Before & After then After Again

Since redesigning my blog a while back and adding new pics to the header and since posting a pic of my sofa table in my “Keeping it Real Post” – I have gotten tons of emails about the paint finish.  The one in my blog header (the very last pic on the right)  is a bench that i refinished at least a year ago.  The one in the “Keeping it Real Post” is my current sofa table – both have the same finish.

Bench in my header…

When i refinished that bench i was experimenting a little with crackle paint, but it didnt go as planned.   The 1st thing i did was primer the bench using a primer tinted to a dark brown.   I mixed up my milk paint next.  Then i used Valspar crackle glaze and wiped it on a few spots that i wanted to crackle.  Lastly i read the directions on the crackle – i should of read them 1st.  The directions said that after applying the crackle to the base coat, i had to wait an hour for the crackle to dry and then paint the top coat.  I did not have an hour to wait!  I was ready to paint then, so i just went for it.  I applied the milk paint with a brush, right over the wet crackle medium.

Milk paint dries pretty fast, so by the time i was finished painting the stool, the part that was almost dry i started distressing with a sanding block.  Wherever the crackle was put on, the milk paint just came right off – just like as if i had put wax, vaseline or soap on it to keep the paint from adhering.  Plus, the milk paint wasnt totally dry, so a lot of it just rubbed off.  So, thats how i got the look on those pics that i get all the emails about.

I liked the finish so much, i decided to do the same technique on my sofa table.  My sofa table has seen a lot of paint layers!  I bought it unfinished and then painted it red…then white…then yellow…and now Sea Green, my favorite so far.


Yellow.  This pic was from last fall – besides hallowen/christmas decorations i havent changed up my mantle!  I really, really need to get on that!  I just scrolled up, and the pic of the table in white is from almost 2 years ago – same mantle!!!  K – NOW im really gonna get on it!!

And now.  Sea Green milk paint.  My fave.  I like how it adds some color to the space, but its muted so it works with everything else.   And its a good backdrop to all my found, free decorations on the table – i think the only thing i bought was the burlap ribbon and plant.  My dad brought me the old wooden truck the other day, isnt it so cute!?!

I really like how the yellow peaks through in some spots too

The 411

White Table – Valspar Ultra White

Yellow Table – I dont remember the color, but its very similar to Sherwin Williams White Raisin.  Original post about yellow table here

Blue/Green Table & Bench – Old fashioned Milk Paint in Sea Green.  More info on their products can be found here.

Both tables primed with Valspar primer tinted to Safari Brown.  Sofa table got a heavy coat of Valspar crackle all over the table – just put it on where you want the paint to rub off, i did it really sloppy (could also use wax, a candle, soap, vaseline, anything to keep the paint from adhering).  Before crackle dries, use a 60 grit sandblock to distress the table, i think i may have even got out the electric sander for this one.  Wherever the crackle medium was, it will wipe down to the next layer.  So just to be clear – the paint didnt crackle at all, i was just using it as a barrier to keep the milk paint from sticking.

Protective finish – Minwax paste wax


I know that milk paint/chalk paint/waxes are what everyone is talking about – but personally im not a huge fan.  Not that it doesnt have its place though – i will do a post on my experiences/opinions with it soon.