{Hot Chocolate Station}

I just wanted to do a quick post and let you know of a fun and easy idea that the kids have been doing for the last few years.  Of course in Utah we get chilly winters, so there’s a lot of hot chocolate drinkin’ around here!


I was tired of getting out all the hot chocolate fixin’s every time they came in from playing outside, so we decided to make a hot chocolate station.  Its perfect because everything is in one place and the kids can easily make there own drinks without having to get everything out…and put it back away.

We keep ours pretty simple with standard stuff.  Hot chocolate, candy canes and of course marshmallows.  You can get more fancy with syrups and chocolate or whatever you may like.

We just placed everything in glass jars with scoops.  If its gonna be out on the counter all winter – it needs to look good!  Some spoons and candy canes were added to mason jars and then everything is kept on a large white platter.

Of course, i sneak some yummy hot chocolate in too.  I like mine with marshmallows and crushed up candy canes!  Yum!