My Craft Room!


Finally!  I am here to post some pics of my craft room!  This room has actually been done for a while now, but i just could never clean it out long enough to get some pics!  For some reason, this room is the catch all for everything in our house that is waiting for a home – so it always seems to be piled up with junk.

But – this is my most favorite room in the house.  I love everything about it.  I think its because its really just a hodge podge of junk, and i love it!  Everything in it – from my chunky reclaimed wood table, my crisp and clean white shelves, all the wire baskets filled with who knows what, piles of fabric, old doors, overflow of decorations and my silver chandelier, all the stuff that makes me happy.  Its a small space, but i love how its somewhat really cluttered, i think it adds to the “feel” of the room, it def gives off a craft room vibe.  I just love being in there and looking at all my good junk!


Anyways – lots of pics here!  I dont really have a good before of the room, this is the best one that i could find from about 2 1/2 years ago.  I had built that large hutch over a dresser, but ultimately it wasn’t enough storage and i needed to do something else, so i sold it and re-did the room.

After adding molding, doors, repainting the room, building shelves on the wall, installing the wood flooring and making my reclaimed lumber table.

Lets start here 1st…the french doors with the lights on is my craft room.  I now need to keep it clean because its the 1st room you see when walking down the stairs!

Ahhh, i love the french doors going in!

When you walk in and look to the right, this is what you see.  For now i have 3 old windows hanging on the wall.  I had some plans to put window boxes under them for some more storage, but i now have something else planned for this wall – the windows will be moved somewhere else.

When you look to the left, i have an old door painted with chalkboard hanging horizontally.  There is also an old door cut down to make my glue gun station.  This area is also being changed up a little in the future because i need some more storage – ive got a couple ideas to help fix that!

Looking straight in on the back wall, are the 3 long shelves that i built.  When i was building them, i didnt take any pics along the way.  They basically consisted of a 2×4 on the wall, 1/2″ MDF for the top and bottoms of the shelves, crown molding and then the decorative corbels.  This is really one of my favorite things in the room.  They are about 9ft long a piece, so they hold lots and lots of stuff.

All of the wire baskets are actually new, just made to look old.  I got them about 5 years ago from Roberts Crafts – they were clearing them out for super cheap (i think about $4 a piece) – so i went to every singe store i could get to and cleaned them out!  Im so glad i got as much as i could because i love how i can see all my stuff.  For me “out of sight, out of mind”  is so true!

Of course the star of my craft room is my giant table, i posted about the making of that here.  I love this table so much!  I love the clean white shelves and french doors and then the light gray paint against the old wood.  Perfection.

Under my table is a vintage laundry basket with lots of pillows waiting to be transformed.

On top of the table is an old wooden box with lots of cubbies.  Each cubby has a silver bucket to hold lots of junk – this really needs to be cleaned out!  I seem to collect crap so fast.

Under my shelves are lots of overflow decoration stuff…old windows and lots of picture frames.  One day i will finally get these hung somewhere, but for now it adds to the hodge podge look i have going on.

Over in one corner is an antique metal sink that came from my great grandma.  Its full of fabric that for sure needs to be cleaned out – its almost taller than me now!

The other corner is just a magnet board and some more stuff that’s waiting for a home.

This is one of the areas that i use a lot…my glue gun station.  Its an old door, cut down the middle and then one of the halves used as the top, the other half cut in half again and used as the legs.  I really like how shallow the door is, so it works out perfectly and doesnt take up much room.  But its also a junk collector – so i need to get working on the ideas that i have for more storage.

I love the old hardware on the door and the texture of the paint…

For all my glue gun stuff, i have an old wooden silverware holder to keep them all somewhat organized.

For button and odds and ends storage, i found a 70’s wooden dish server thing, painted it white and it worked out perfect.


Thats my craft room!  Now that this room is finally cleaned out enough to use, im really hoping that i will get to start using it.  With the basement projects winding down, i really need to just take some time out and use my favorite room.  This room is way under used and its just too cute not to be in it!

The 411

Paint color – i have no idea!!  I mixed it from some other paints i had lying around to get this color.

Table – see original post here

Shelves – sorry, no tutorial on these!  I dont know why i didnt take pics along the way, they required to much brain power i guess and i just didnt think about it!


Have you posted your craft room?  I would love to see it, i love getting ideas!  Just leave the link in the comments so we can all check it out.