Embroidery Hoop Wall

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Ever since i saw a pic of something similar about 2 years ago, i have wanted to make an embroidery hoop wall somewhere in my house.  It was one of those pics that i gasped when i saw it – i loved the idea that much!

If you follow me on Facebook, you will know that last week i finally started my little project :)

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Hoop Art

 (check out my growing collection of old watering cans, cant get enough of those!)

I love the mismatched fabrics and the fun colors – plus its unique and you can bring in colors and fabrics that will match your home.  And the fabrics can easily be changed out.  You could even add in fabrics for different holidays/seasons.

I waited for a while before finally doing my wall because i really wanted to hang curtain panels on all the windows on my back wall to soften up the lines.  But, with the bay window it was tricky, and it blocked a lot of light that comes through.  Plus, i wanted to put the yellow dresser back where it was, and the dresser would be in front of the curtain which i dont know if i would of liked.

So – last week i finally decided i was over the curtain idea and decided just to get the hoops done :)

I used my small collection of vintage hoops, as well as some i found @ goodwill (those in the pic, its so funny how decorating changes over the years, im sure 10-15 years ago these were pretty cool!) and then the majority of the hoops came from hobby lobby and joanns.  The larger hoops new were about $2 and the smaller ones $1.

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Hoop Art

Then i gathered up lots of fabric, some i already had, a couple vintage and then the rest new.  I found the fabric @ Joanns and Hobby Lobby (Joanns had a way better selection just so you know).

I laid out the hoops and fabric…

(after i took this pic, i knew that i needed more so i added about 10 more hoops)

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Hoop Art

Then i just put the fabric in the hoop, tightened it (almost all my hoops had the metal tightner screws) and then cut away all the fabric in the back.  I didnt take a pic after i cut it, but i cut the fabric all the way down to the hoop.

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Hoop Art

After i got all the hoops filled, i laid out the hoops on the floor.  I measured my space on the wall that i had to fill and then just used those measurements when laying out the hoops.

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Hoop Art

Lastly i just started from the bottom and worked my way to the top – for the most part i kept the same layout as was on the floor, but when i got to the top i added in a few more hoops to slightly go over each side.

To hang the hoops, i just used a small nail for each one.

And the after…can you spot the little girl?  I told Zailee to get out of the way for pics, and thats where she went :)

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Hoop Art

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Hoop Art

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Hoop Art

Sweet Pickins Embroidery Art


Hoops – Joanns, Hobby Lobby, Goodwill and some vintage ones i already had.  I think i used 32 hoops total

Fabric – Joanns, Hobby Lobby and some i already had

Total cost – about $65.  Of course i got lots more fabric than what i needed for this project, so i am planning one day to make a quilt with all my fabric scraps :)

I only repeated one fabric twice

Tip – i would recommend buying extra of the small hoops, i used about 5 of those that i wasnt planning to fill in holes here and there