New color & new shipping cost!

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Hi there!  I just wanted to check in to the ol’ blog and post the new color that we released a couple months ago on Instagram and Facebook – and like always i forget to post here – oops!

This color was the perfect color to add to our line up!  Its a rich, muted dark plum/purple color.  It was one of my hardest colors to photograph, i promise its not dark gray or black :)  The color name is Adelaide – i thought that sounded like a pretty, royal name that would be great for a dark purple.

This pic below shows the truest color…I took pic after pic and even came back again a few days later with different lighting and had another photo session and still i wasn’t quite able to capture the color!  As soon as i find another piece that would look perfect in this color i will try again :)

Also, we have now changed our shipping to just $6 flat rate for all US orders!  It doesn’t matter the amount of product ordered either – just $6.  Our customers are loving it so far!  Our shop can be found here.

I have so many house projects going on right now so i will be sure to check back in soon with those and we have another new color in the works!  In the meantime come see me on FB and Insta to stay updated!