EAT signs are back!

Remember our GIANT EAT signs from a few years back?  Well – i made them and shipped them all over for a couple years after posting about the ones i made for my own home, but i got bored of it and took them down from our online shop.

But – i have help now in my shop (my dad!!) and so ive decided to relist them!  We have had so many emails for them recently, so im hoping to make a few people happy :)

You can find them here, and of course all the info on sizes/price/shipping/colors is all there.  Let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Painting :)

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  1. susan konkel
    susan konkel says:

    You are a very lucky girl to be working w/ your father. Enjoy every day….for some day they will be precious memories!


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