Claviers Baroques is a husband and wife team (Den Ciul and Dawn Lyons) who build harpsichords, clavichords and other historical keyboard instruments in Toronto, Canada. They use traditional methods and materials in their work. All instruments are made of solid woods with traditional finishes – shellac, linseed oil and Milk Paints. “Some of our harpsichords are pretty fancy – as you can see from our little Flemish-style in red faux-marbre pictured here – all done with Milk Paints.”

Their clavichords have a Milk Paint wash (1 part paint powder to 10 parts distilled water) followed with linseed oil. Because these instruments are intended for children they wanted a non-toxic finish.

Since their instruments are intended to last for many years they appreciate that Milk Paints are tough, durable and can be maintained easily. Since their shop is their home, they also appreciate the fact that Milk Paint produces no toxic fumes, stores in a small space, can be mixed in small batches as required and cleans up easily. “We can’t make out why anyone would use ‘canned’ paints when these are so lovely, easy to use and so flexible!”


Claviers Baroques
109 Fuller Avenue
Toronto, Ontario Canada M6R 2C4
Tel. (416) 538-3062
Fax. (416) 538-3376

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