“Thanks for all your comments and feedback! We’ve gotten a lot of great responses from our customers and here’s what some of them had to say.

“After having been an avid fan of your products for a number of years, I thought it was about time I dropped you a line to express my happiness with the Old Fashioned Milk Paint line and commend you on such superior customer service.

Before moving to Mt. Airy, NC, I taught Fine Woodworking in the Atlanta, GA area at places such as Highland Woodworking and others.  The classes I gave on the use of your products and the amazing things that can be done were not only my favorite classes to teach, but never failed to draw overflow crowds.

I recall a time when yours was the only such product on the market.  If imitation is the finest form of flattery, then you’ve certainly earned it with some of the other, certainly inferior, products that try to duplicate yours.  Trust me, they all fail by comparison.

Your customer service and order fulfillment team must be commended as well.  It seems that within moments of placing an order through your web site, a confirmation of shipment is received.  Please express my appreciation.

I now find myself in the middle of restoring a 116-year old home here in Mt. Airy, North Carolina.  I’m using your products to paint the kitchen cabinets.  To say the results are breathtaking would be an understatement.  I hope to be able to provide you with photos in the not too distant future.”

Anthony S., Mt. Airy, North Carolina

” I fell in love with this paint! I’m so angry at myself for attempting to create this look so many times in the past and failing. What a difference. I’m very excited for my order to get here and try out the new colors. Thanks again and have a great day.”

Cy S., Casa Grande, Arizona

“I cannot remember who I talked to at your company, but they were a lot of help with my last job.  I’m attaching a snapshot of the completed project.  I am going to get better photos when I deliver the chest.  Love your paint and friendly staff.”

Gregory S., Banner Elk, North Carolina

“I think your paint is wonderful. I’m environmentally injured and cannot stand any kind of paint but yours.”

Mary C., Upper Rawdon, Nova Scotia

“My wife and I decided to try Milk Paint (SafePaint) after spending hours at Lowe’s and Home Depot trying to find a color that we liked. After about the 12th paint sample, we were wasting money on these samples, while getting nothing we liked. We then decided to contact your paint company as my wife was reading about organic paints. After speaking with a nice lady on the phone we quickly received paint samples in the mail and started to find the color we liked. It didn’t take long as the paint mixed easily.

We were surprised that after the 1st coat we were wondering whether we needed a 2nd coat, the coverage was so good. We did add a 2nd coat and were extremely happy with the depth and texture of the paint. It looked and felt like a solid wall that was frescoed, as in Europe- not a standard American drywalled wall with a plasticee-latex feel. The richness is noticeable right away (pictures don’t do it full justice).

We are so happy with the look and feel of the paint that we started planning the rest of the house. The ease of use surprised us too. We used a bucket that we usually use for car washing and then a stick blender that we usually use for making butternut squash soups. Everything cleaned up with a little water and even if you made a mistake and the paint dried some, then we just used a q-tip with hot tap water.

Your company makes a truly exceptional product that I think the average homeowner should consider more often in using. My brother, a contractor in the Seattle area even flew into town to see the results as customers have started asking him about organic paints. Thank you and my wife and I are hoping you will post this testimonial on your website.”

Bret D., Public School Teacher, Arlington, Virginia

“We got our order of milk paint, all 160 pounds of it. yes pounds. Not gallons. It comes in powder form and you add the water. It is produced by The Old Fashioned Milk Paint Co. and their web site is the very clear MilkPaint.com.

They have a new line of paint called Safe Paint. I have to say I’m in love with it.

It is real paint.

It is the difference between eating over processed hormone packed Mc Donald’s food and a healthy organic meal.

And this paint is alive. It is made with a (casein) base, literally a derivative of milk. When you put it on the walls it smells of a country barn. It is a fresh smell of cut grass and healthy animals. The smell is faint but if you ever lived on a farm you know the smell. It is a smell that can literally bring you back to your childhood for an intoxicating moment.

The smell is gone in half an hour, though. And then there is nothing…..nothing. No smell……

You have to try it to see how powerful that LACK of smell is. And to think we have been putting chemicals on our walls for so many years. Petrochemicals laced with synthetic hormone disruptors and cancer causing ethers.

At Eco Brooklyn we have a motto. In fact we have many but one of them is that if we can’t build with a nine month old in the room then don’t build with it. Coincidentally my son is nine months old and he is with me a lot of the time. So I take this really seriously.

You can practically drink milk paint. I have no problems being in a freshly painted Milk Paint room with my son. I would never do that with the synthetic paints. Even the zero VOC stuff. It is still full of chemicals.

This is the real stuff. This is paint. It is free of chemicals. It is good stuff.

And the process is empowering. Never again will I wait at a counter so someone can read from a computer chart and mix my paint for me. Am I not able enough to mix my own paint and pick my own unique colors? Why do people need some famous person to put their name to 565 colors in order for me to pick my color.

The universe is full of millions of colors. And now that I can mix my own I am free to make my own unique color. Nobody in the world has a color exactly like the one we are painting onto the Green Show House in Brooklyn. In fact tomorrow we probably won’t be able to mix it again exactly. That is a special thing. I love it.

Take back your painting. Use Milk Paint.

First we mix the white base with water. Then we add the color as we want it. The paint goes on just like any other. You don’t need primer. You just put two coats of the paint. I dries really fast and the second coat can go on quickly.

We got a lot of colors. You want to follow these steps to be sure it works nicely. First put some water in the bucket. Then put the white base. This way none of the paint sticks in the corners of the bucket. Then add small quantities of the color until you get what you want. That way you don’t add too much color. Don’t froth the mix with the mixer because if you get too much air into the mix it bubbles and creates possible color inconsistencies.

We got five colors. Warm one for north facing rooms and cool ones for south facing rooms.

The genius of the Milk Paint Co is that they “only” provide a handful of colors. At first you might see this as odd when most paint companies are bending over backwards to provide huge color variations. But the other paint companies are stuck in the mass consumer idea that more is better and that the consumer can’t think for themselves.

With the colors that the Milk Paint Co provides you can mix your own plethora of colors. It is really, really liberating. I can’t understate that. You will discover that you are, like everyone, a very creative person. You will find your unique color. Or it will find you. Or you will find each other as you play alchemist above the cows white pot. It is a great thing.”

Gennaro B., Brooklyn, New York
 (Note: read more about this project from EcoBrooklyn on our News page!)

“I just finished painting my living room with SafePaint yesterday, and I was so excited by the results that I posted pictures in my favorite decorating forum.

One point I made in the forum is I think the SafePaint color depth is even better than Farrow & Ball (the reigning paint of decorating divas). My sister did her whole house in Farrow & Ball, and to be honest, when I saw it, I was a little disappointed that it didn’t floor me. I wouldn’t have looked twice at her walls, even though the colors are beautiful. But the milk paint does have a special presence that you notice when you walk into the room. It makes you say wow, look at the walls.

After reading about clay based and environmentally friendly paints, I decided to try milk paint. I’d never used it before and was nervous about painting several rooms with it.

Well, it’s fabulous! The color is nothing like I’ve ever seen before. It has a life to it, an elegance, that latex doesn’t have. So far I’ve done two rooms, and the color looks amazing in all lighting. The color shifts (as it does with all paints), but it shifts well. The main difference is it doesn’t die out in dim light or shadow, or go ghastly in artificial light. It’s beautiful all the time. I can see now why people rave over F & B and full spectrum paints. The milk paint has a similar effect. Absolutely flat, it looks soft, chalky & velvety. But is rock hard & rough to the touch- a bit surprising. I’ve never seen a paint with such presence before.

first coat
second coat

The color palette is limited, but I made the most gorgeous, luminescent powdery gray/blue by mixing 48 oz. of Oyster White and 3 oz. of Blue Green. And it was fun to make my own color. In the future, I’d like to experiment with getting the milk paint base and adding my own pigments.

Which reminds me: When testing colors, I mixed 2 oz. of Salmon and 1 oz. of Barn Red and got the loveliest red shade: not too cherry, not too fiery, just a warm, deep fresh red.

Thanks very much. Very pleased with your product.”

Andrea M., Ridgefield, Connecticut

“A while back, you were kind enough to send me some information on your product. Well I used your product and I love it! I wanted to share with you the before and after pics of my kitchen.

Our story is this:

A couple was going to purchase a house from a builder as an investment. During the process, they chose to have oak cabinetry put in the kitchen. The decline in the housing market caused the couple to walk away from the investment and the builder was left holding the property.

For months the house sat on the market while others on the same street were selling. I truly believe potential buyers were so put off buy the oak cabinets that nobody wanted to touch the house. Afterall, what a shame to want to rip out the kitchen in a brand new house.

I saw the house, knew the cabinets could be “worked with”, and we got a steal of a deal since it appeared nobody else wanted it.

I bought about $200.00 in paint, slapped some crown molding on the cabinets and changed the hardware. Now we have a new kitchen we are so proud of. I love it. Thanks Old Fashioned Milk Paint!”

R. Barnes

“A year or more ago you gave us a free sample of your buttermilk-colored paint for our walls. This email is, first, an apology for never sending you our testimony. There really isn’t a good excuse, so I won’t offer one!
This email, secondly, is our praise for your product.

I am very sensitive to chemicals, and for several years have been quite sick on and off. My husband and I have moved to a new house, and we want to live our lives in a way that is healthier for us and better for the environment. We spent hours researching paint options! We found several companies that provided latex paints with fewer chemicals, but we were discouraged by the prospect of having to compromise on our goals.

We were so excited when we found your site! We couldn’t believe we had found paint without fumes or smell or off-gassing, which is good for the environment and high quality! It didn’t take much time for us to place our order. Thank you SO much for the paint.

My husband and I took two chilly and humid half days to put two coats on our kitchen and dining room walls (over two coats of Kilz, which we hope not to use again). We couldn’t believe how much paint the mix produced (we were able to paint more walls than we had planned), or how fun it was to mix and use it. Your suggestion for using hardware on a drill to mix the paint was perfect, and the explanations of what texture we should expect were great. The paint dried as predicted despite the humidity, with no signs of the paint underneath, and was easy to wipe up when it was wet; even in the places where it dried on our wood floors, it came up with just water, a sponge, and a little ‘elbow grease.’ (It didn’t come out of my clothes where I let it dry, though. Oops!) The extra paint was easy to store overnight in a plastic paint container with a lid.

The paint went on smoothly and evenly with a roller (and a brush for the tight spots). The color is creamy and a lot sweeter than the name buttermilk implies! We are very impressed that it evened out the texture of our ‘faux wood’ paneling. (I couldn’t stand the look of the paneling before, but your paint makes the whole room very pleasing to the eye.) I believe the texture of the paint was listed on the website as ‘dead flat,’ but we think you need to find different adjectives! The paint looks very soft, and it actually makes the walls seem to recede from the eye, making some small spaces look bigger. It unifies different aspects of the whole room, tying in the cabinetry, furniture, wood floors, and wall hangings. Kitchen messes and stains wipe off fairly easily with a sponge and water (even old stains).

There were a few places where we let the paint drip (a tricky spot by the vent hood), and after it dried, it crackled a little bit. Actually, we love the look where the paint crazed! But some people might not, so do let them know if the thickness is very inconsistent they might get those results.
We could not have made a better decision than to use your paint products. The mixing and painting were fun and easy (and I was indoors with the paint the whole time without a single headache or ill effect), the color is creamy, bright, and clean, and the finished product is one we’ve been proud to show off as well as live in. We already have the colors for two more rooms picked out, and we hope to order soon!

Thank you again for producing high quality, healthy, earth-friendly paints, and for doing so with such good customer service. (Thank you, also, for your patience!) We hope your wall paint line is a big success, because we don’t want to use another wall paint again.
Thank you, OFMPC!”

Erin T., Texas

“I just wanted to write quick note to let you know how pleased my husband and I were to use your SafePaint in our home. To give you a quick background on us: I am currently 8 months pregnant and we also have an amazon parrot as a pet. Needless to say, I was very concerned about painting in our home for both my safety and the well being of our parrot as well, since parrots are extremely sensitive to many things with paint being at the top of the list. I found your website and was so happy to hear that the paint was chemical free and had very low odor.We purchased the paint and my husband set up to paint a bedroom in our 118-year old home that will serve as an office. I will say I was very nervous that the paint would have a foul odor and that the paint would not adhere to the walls that have been painted over several times over the years. But to my surprise and pleasure there was virtually no odor. As you state on your website, the smell was just an earthy or milky smell which went away within a half hour. The SafePaint stuck to the wall perfectly and only required 2 coats (which latex paint would have required as well if not more). And then the project was finished. That night, you would have never known that a room in our house had been freshly painted. I was so relieved for myself but most importantly for our parrot as well. We will certainly be returning customers for sure. Thanks so much for a great and safe product!!!!”

Amy B., Yardley, Pennsylvania

“Hi there, thanks to everybody there for being so helpful and filling our order for some 40+ gallons of Snow White SafePaint and Clear Coat on very short notice. We painted all our ceilings and walls with it over the weekend. It was great! (We did call on Saturday afternoon and left a message. We were having trouble with lumps, but finally figured out some good tricks to mixing smooth paint.) Thanks again for a wonderful product and great service! We are so happy to have found you locally.”

Shelly & Daryl B., Massachusetts

“Here is your ultimate testimonial…. I was painting an old door in our home and had a yogurt container with the mixed blue paint on top of my 70 gallon fish aquarium. Well I am not sure how it happened, but the paint went into the tank (along with the brush). The aquarium turned a deep rich blue color, though I was extremely worried about the health of my fish. My wife thought that I should take them out, but from my experience with aquariums, they seem to clean themselves, so I left it. I was simply amazed! 24 hours after spilling the Milk Paint into my fish tank, the color was about gone and all the fish were healthy as ever. The blue eventually faded out completely and the fish flourished. Since then I have added about a dozen new fish to my tank. Not only am I more than happy with the results of the paint on the old door, but I am also amazed that the paint is so non-toxic that even a little neon tetra is unscathed after swimming in it. Thank you!”

Gregg, Vermont

“Your product was exactly what I was looking for. Its coverage was amazing and it was so easy to mix up and use. For a beginner like myself I was amazed at the look and feel of the paint. I love it!”

Holli R.

“Once again, your responsiveness and service is superior. We must go through many, many inquiries to find things that will work for us and the environment. All customer service is not equal.”

Mokihana C. & Pete L., Seattle, Washington

“Wonderful! A safe and beautiful paint. I am looking forward to getting the goodies in the mail. For now I will return to the website and read the very important information that I looked over the last time I was there.”

S. Crenshaw

“Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I am overwhelmed by your concern for me as one of your customers.”

Manuel N., Galt, California

“I contacted your company with some questions about Milk Paint several months ago and got a prompt, informative reply. I have since tried out your Milk Paint with Extra-Bond and Watco Oil and like the look very much. I plan to use it to finish the kitchen and some other built-in furniture in the house I am building.”

Bruce V.

“Damn fine helpful website. Love Milk Paint – I ‘reclaim’ previously trashed furniture. The Milk Paint texture and colors are perfect.”


“Very nice, informative and quick website! The nice person who answered the phone when I requested sample cards told me about it. Looking forward to using your product. I make alot of Shaker footstools, tables and cabinets.”

Mark W.

“WOW! What a great website for a superior product! I only wish it was available in more places. I intend to talk it up. I am a design consultant and will recommend it wherever I can. I love that it is so safe environmentally. Keep up the good work.”

Lois L.

“Thank you for the info. You can expect an order from me in the future; the product is great. I can’t wait to completely finish the custom bookcase that I’m working on now. The Crackle finish is just the antique finish that I’ve been looking for. Again, thank you!!!!!”

Kenneth A., California

“Thank you for your immediate response. You have a wonderful product, and I have a feeling I’ll be using it quite a bit…”


“I have been mulling around getting milk paint for a project I have for a long time. I haven’t been able to decide whether milk paint or some other paint is the way to go. But since visiting your website, I feel I have all the information I need to confirm that milk paint is the right choice for me. Thanks for all the great info!”

Lucie M.

“I know very little about milk paint but thought it would be an interesting and unique finish to a room I was refinishing. Your website was both interesting and informative. I look forward to placing my first order!”

Lisa B.

“I just mixed up my first small jar! I love the packaging and info. included with the order. Already thinking of what else I can paint. Great color chart!”

Debbie J.

“I am a big milk paint fan. I’ve used it on several pieces as a base for decorative painting, and the finish is like no other once dry.”

Meryl Y.

“I was very impressed with: your website, prompt response to my request for pamphlet, your Product Bulletins, your service on my order (I received it just 24 hours after I called it in).”

Alex T.

“Not only is your product superior, so is your customer service! Thank you for shipping a replacement pint of Milk Paint to me overnight. I was able to finish my project the next day, and it looks beautiful! Thank you very much!”

Kelly K., Pennsylvania

“Thank you very much for your prompt answer to my inquiry. Good customer service is always a base line indicator of a quality product and quality company.”

Miki D., Incline Village, Nevada

“I haven’t used your products yet, but your website is excellent!!! I am redoing the cabinets in my kitchen and have been unable to decide until I thought of milk paints…..now I can’t wait to get started!!!!!!!”

Becky G.

“Please send me a color card and brochure. I am a builder/remodeler in the Metrowest/Boston area and have installed cabinets finished with milk paint. The finish is incredible.”

Greg W., Marlborough, Massachusetts

“This is a note of thanks and to confirm that the painting procedure was completely successful. Step by step I followed your directions. The Buttermilk painted cupboard now nicely relates to the other antiques in the room. I sanded, reapplied, distressed and then slightly softened its newness with an oil-based stain. I do appreciate you going the ‘extra mile’ and your superior customer service.”

Paula H., Oakland Park, Florida

“I received my first order last week and had my first opportunity to use Milk Paint as well. I knew I was taking a chance, ordering a product I had never personally used before, but I was thrilled with the product. I have severe chemical sensitivities and have had to give up all my hobbies, including crafts and faux painting. I thought I would never be able to be involved in any of my hobbies again, but now I am excited about using your product and offering it to others. I started my little business this past year mostly to provide products that are more natural and less toxic. I am already planning another order soon.”

Dorothy H., Ashland, Nebraska

“My husband and I are building our ‘dream house’, a log cabin, in western PA. I decided early on to furnish it with antiques and primitives. I also took the major step of deciding to tackle the finishing of my kitchen cabinets myself, wanting a painted, distressed look. Before visiting your website today, I was convinced that someone as unexperienced as myself (I’ve never done anything like this before) shouldn’t attempt to work with Milk Paint. However after reading the information provided, as well as all of the wonderful customer comments, I feel much less intimidated by the whole process and am looking forward to getting started this week. I must say that I have never been so convinced of the quality of a product that I have not personally used, until now. With practice, I’m sure this will be an incredibly successful undertaking. Hopefully, it will lead to more projects…I’ll update you on the outcome. THANKS!”

Chris M., Greenville, Pennsylvania

“I saw the results of Milk Paint at a friend’s home and I am so impressed! I hope to get hooked!”

Jill B., New York, New York

“I just wanted to say that we are extremely happy with our milk paint. We painted our living room and kitchen Marigold Yellow and our hallways Pumpkin. We got our paint at Eco-Wise in Austin, Texas. It is beautiful and it feels so good to have peace-of-mind that it will not off-gas and it will last! Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful product! We are very grateful!”

Anita & Andrew K.

“BEAUTIFUL web page. I like having real people’s names as well as their function; makes your site very personal. Site is very tasteful, and easy to use. One of the best I’ve seen (including my own!).”

Leslie H., Vermont

“I’ve used your product twice on custom furniture that I make and can’t believe the results! Excellent product.”

Thomas C.

“I had a cabinet made and I am anxious to try Milk Paint. So happy your company is on the web!”

Kathy B.

“Looking forward to my shipment, I am very satisfied with your product – Keep up the good work!!”

Ron R., Landisville, Pennsylvania

“I have an old Chifferobe that was my grandmother’s dresser/closet as a child. Someone stained it black at one point and it looked terrible. I decided to paint it, but didn’t want to use latex or oil. I wanted to maintain the old feel of the piece. I found your Milk Paint and mixed three parts Federal Blue with one part Buttermilk looking to create a French Blue. I painted the outside the blue and the inside Buttermilk. IT’S GORGEOUS! Thank you for selling it to the public. That project has inspired many others.”

Roni W., Portland, Oregon

“Here at the Vineyard Haven Library on Martha’s Vineyard, we think your website is the cream at the top.”

Caron S., Vineyard Haven, Massachusetts

“Thoroughly enjoyed finishing my step-back cupboard with milk paint, the first time I’ve ever used it. It was extremely easy to apply and added a distinct aspect to the piece. It’s exactly what I have been looking for. It’s amazing that the simplest and most useful of items our forefathers used still has practical applications today. And to me that carryover from the past adds a uniqueness that is consoling and adds tremendously to our family’s heritage. Thanks for your outstanding efforts in preserving and presenting a part of the American way of life for all.”

Stan F., Ft. Richardson, Alaska

“I have just finished the best job I’ve ever designed and built and, yes, the finish was a custom mixed milk paint. I used a gray stain over pine and then applied two coats of a custom mix that was a kind of cream with a little green tint. After that I sanded the edges and applied a tung oil over the top. WOW! It looked like it was one hundred years old. Add a solid hand rubbed cherry top and I had a perfect reproduction.”

Walter M., Bedford, New Hampshire

“I just surfed around your website and wanted to let you know that I think it’s great. It is well designed, easy to get around in and has every bit of information I could ask for. I love the cows too!”

Jennifer O., New Jersey

“I stained an unfinished pine headboard, then painted over it with your Snow White milk paint. Then I did a little distressing and sanding to let the honey colored stain show through. It looked so good I’m doing a matching armoire, then a Soldier Blue curio. Can’t wait to get started!”

Jack H.

“Since I first wrote to you I’ve completed the blanket chest with a combination of colors. I used one coat of Lexington Green, followed by a coat of the Pitch Black. I then sanded through to allow for a worn look. I just learned of your product last month, but in two projects I’ve now used 4 pints and I really like all aspects of your product. My wife loves the look, so that will only lead to additional projects requiring it’s use. Thanks.”

Dave T.

” I just finished painting my old, pine, tongue and groove ceiling and boy does it look great. I used your slate blue and we are very impressed with how easy it was to use. The consistency was perfect. I especially enjoyed not having that old paint smell to contend with. What a great product you produce. I only wish we had a dealer closer to home. I will ask the local shops to carry it.”

Vic R., Frederick, Maryland

“Wow- I am very impressed with your fast response and well organized web page! I believe you get the award for the best customer service that I have experienced on the web so far!! I am the CFO for the Disney Stores, North America, so I really have an appreciation for great guest service. I know it takes ALOT of work, attention, and prioritization. Please pass along my comments as I wish more companies had such an easy to follow web approach coupled with FAST ACTION human follow-up via E-mail.”

Yvonne B., Burbank, California

“Thank you so much for your great service. I called fairly late in the day Tuesday before Thanksgiving and asked if you could possibly get a 2nd Day Air order out that day. You did and I really appreciate it!!!!!”

Marjory W., Portland, Oregon

“THANK YOU FOR MAKING SUCH AN AMAZING PRODUCT! Your paint was super easy to work with, fun to mix and paint with, beautiful to look at, and an awesome environmentally friendly product which I will continue to use on a regular basis in my home, and which I will definitely recommend to my clients. I work for real estate developers of residential homes. We sell the homes and help their customers select finishes during the building process. Although I am not a designer, everyone thinks I am because I’ve been doing this for 4 years and have helped over 400 people to choose their cabinets, countertops, tile, etc. in their homes. Now I can tell them whose paint to buy- THANK YOU!”

Jennifer W., Chicago, Illinois

“Your Milk Paint ROCKS!!!! Thanks for making my hacker painting skills look professional!!!! I just wanted to let you know that you make a special product and your excellence does not go unnoticed! I have been buying your paint from a local dealer in Chadds Ford, PA for a few months and have happened upon some really great results thanks to your product. recently I ordered some things from you over the phone. Not only did they arrive within a few days (earlier than I expected) but the quality is awesome! Thanks so much for simply….being! I painted a set of chairs recently with latex paint. Suffice to say I will never do that again! I’m totally sold on your Milk Paint.”

Erik J., Lansdowne, Pennsylvania

“Thank you for your prompt response. You guys are on top of your email- I wish we could respond to customers as well as you do. I await your color chart. Since I mailed you this morning, I found a local source of Milk Paint. There is a Woodcraft store in my vicinity and it looks as though those cats sell your stuff. Perhaps I’ll stop by there this week and check them out. Again, thank you for your customer focused attitude and quick response.”

Richard A., Houston, Texas

“I ordered my paint yesterday morning (Monday) and have it in my hand already (Tuesday) 11:30 a.m.! I cannot tell you how happy and amazed I am at your company’s service. I paint for a living and when I ran out of paint on the weekend I thought for sure I would be out of commission all week. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is American integrity at its best!”

Maria S., Northport, New York

“Your milk paint is absolutely fabulous! I chose Pitch Black for my first project and could not be more satisfied with the final product. Naturally, being a first time user I was a bit apprehensive and nervous. But after applying just a few strokes my uneasiness was quickly diminished. I look forward to painting manu\y more fine pieces using your your wonderful product!”

Jennifer C.

“Wow. I was asked to do a sign for a restaurant I’d done the interior for, and decided on using your paint for an aged look. I’ve never had a more fun medium, one that does what I want it to, mixes well to create a nice palette with no mistakes, cleans well and LASTS. I’m a Horrible painter, because I’d always been frustrated easily with pigments that had a mind of their own, but finally found a paint that works for me.”

Margaret P.

“Thank you for being on the web!”

Bill L., Kittery, Maine

“Just wanted to let you know that I used milk paint for the first time and am quite impressed. I painted old plywood cabinets (after stripping and sanding) with black and then barn red milk paint and they are beautiful. The wood grain shows through. The first thing everyone does is touch them. They all comment on how they look like cherry. I am extremely pleased with my purchase and highly recommend milk paint to everyone! Thanks!!”

Lori, Carmi, Illinois

“I am blown away by your product! Whenever I painted a piece of furniture with B. Moore, it looks like a painted piece of furniture, brush marks and all, unless I did a lot of sanding. Meanwhile feeling sick from the smell & dust, then of course there is all this leftover paint which I always feel bad disposing of- wasteful and environmentally unfriendly. I put one coat of your milk paint on, and my piece looks like a master finisher did it! With no sanding! No odor! No fumes! And no waste! I will save the leftover powder for the next project. Thanks.”

Jill O., Kew Gardens, NewYork

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