Another burlap wreath….


I know everyone has seen these wreaths all over blog land, well i just had to make my own.  I L.U.V wreaths, and I really like burlap, even though this is my 1st burlap project (so far)…

I started out with a wire hanger (finding one of those was the hardest part!).  I shaped it into a circle and cut strips of burlap – maybe 4-6 inches wide.  Then i threaded the burlap onto the hanger, it was super easy – the burlap just slid right on.


It took almost 2 yards of burlap to make the wreath look full.  I noticed that when i hung up the wreath, the weight of the burlap made it slouch down.  I ended up separating some of the sections and putting little dabs of hot glue to keep them secure – that seemed to do the trick…


And finally, i tied a messy little bow out of some muslin and threaded a little wood heart (dollar store) for valentines day and called it good!


Super easy wreath, and its a little different.  I will for sure be making another one, maybe next time out of the white burlap…gotta think of a space for it :)