Walls and Spaces

SAFEPAINT, our newest product, has been developed for one reason, to bring you an environmentally safe paint designed especially for your interior walls. It will give you the same rich velvety finish you expect from our traditional milk paint, but with a consistency of color you expect from more traditional wall paints.Compare SAFEPAINT with our traditional OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT


SAFEPAINT and OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT are both genuine milk paint, Using casein ( milk protein) as a binder. They are both organic and bio-degradable, with zero VOCs.


SAFEPAINT adheres better on non-porous surfaces, such as previously painted walls or new sheetrock. However, it will also work on porous surfaces such as raw wood, as well as most previously finished furniture, woodwork, etc., as long as the surface is clean and sound.

OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT works best on porous surfaces, such as raw wood or masonry. For use on non-porous or sealed surfaces, it is necessary to mix our EXTRA-BOND into the first coat, which acts as a primer.


Walls painted with our OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT will have a soft, charming old-world streaky or mottled appearance.

Walls painted with SAFEPAINT will have a similar soft matte appearance that will be more consistent and not as uneven as the original formula.


SAFEPAINT and OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT are equally easy to mix and apply, and are both durable and color-permanent. And the clean-up is easy—just soap and water.


Preparation of walls prior to painting should be the same for both SAFEPAINT and for OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT. They should be thoroughly cleaned, with any grease or old, chipping paint removed, and then roughed with sand paper. For more information see the SafePaint Product Bulletin.


It is not recommended to use either SAFEPAINT or OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT on exterior walls.


All-natural paints like SAFEPAINT and OLD FASHIONED MILK PAINT have their little idiosyncrasies and quirks, but do have inherently beautiful qualities you will not find in chemically based paints.

You can paint your bedroom in the afternoon and sleep in the room that night without having to breathe noxious fumes.

Since no unnatural extenders or preservatives are used in the paint formula, it is best to mix only the amount to be used that day. It will thicken and gel with time, so it is best to use it right away.

When opening a stored container of already-mixed milk paint, you may notice a slight odor of ammonia. This is a natural occurrence and dissipates quickly.

Fine, hairline cracks may sometimes be visible in a painted surface, depending on the thickness of the mixture, or on how many layers have been applied. This is a natural occurrence of milk paint. Non-organic paints avoid this effect by adding plastic ingredients.

Our SafePaint was featured on New England Cable News- New England Dream House (Green Dream). You may view the segment here.