quick candle fix


So i had a few minutes after the kids went to bed and decided to get one little project on the “to do” list done, it was quick and easy and i can now check this off the list, yippee!

I wanted to change up these candles that are in the little hallway by the kids bedrooms, i had to put something there just to fill up the space and used some wall thingys that i have had for ever.  I put candles on top of them and then just tied a black ribbon for a quick fix – i did this about a year ago and i still haven’t decided what i want there, but i am going to call this good for now :)

burlap candle 2.24.2010 004

I have seen these little burlap – fabric flower things all over and decided they would be cute on these boring candles.  I just cut some misshapen circles out of burlap, muslin and tulle and hot glued each layer together – topped it off by a button and then glued it on the candle.  So easy!

burlap candle 2.24.2010 005

Here they are back in their home on the wall…

burlap candle 2.24.2010 007

And here they are on some candlesticks…

burlap candle 2.24.2010 010

burlap candle 2.24.2010 016