Although i have a fairly good size laundry room, it didn’t have any real storage for laundry baskets and it just wasn’t wide enough to have the baskets across from the washer/dryer without all being up in my business ;)

So, i decided to make a built in cabinet for UNDER the washer/dryer – ingenious, i know!  I was very proud of this project because it was one of the few that i came up with my own little brain – not one i stole  i mean borrowed! 

I did this project about a year or so ago and although i didn’t have this little blog way back then, i knew one day i would be a future blogger so i took some pics along the way.  Get ready for picture overload…

By the way, i build all my own stuff, i have all the tools and i know how to use them!!  My husband did drill the hole for the vent to go in – but that’s just because he wanted to take some credit for this fab idea!

It all started with this…plain, white and boring

old camera 137

old camera 140

I started out by laying a 2×4 base (by the way, i just laid it right on top of the tile, the washer and dryer are so heavy that it doesn’t go anywhere)

old camera 145

Then built it up with 2×4 posts and put some MDF for the bottom where the baskets will be and the top where the washer and dryer will sit

old camera 146

old camera 147

old camera 149

Then i trimmed out everything in some MDF molding

old camera 158

Then i painted everything black to match the cabinets, put bead board up 3/4 of the way on the walls, and then painted the walls (about 4 times – and i’m still not loving the color, ughh)

So, here’s the after…TA DA!!

laundryroom 062

laundryroom 041

laundryroom 040

laundryroom 051

laundryroom 044

laundryroom 058

laundryroom 059

I LUV this ladder, i got it from my grandmas barn and i had been using it my little girls room for her blankets, but we changed her paint colors and it just didn’t match anymore.  I for sure wanted to use it somewhere – i actually use the ladder a lot so this makes it really convenient.  I have to admit, i was a little scared about making holes in the bead board, but figured if i didn’t like it then i could patch’em.  But, I love it, it adds a little color, and it has the perfect patina, you just cant replicate the real thing!

laundryroom 045

laundryroom 048 

This is an old door that i got from my brother – i gave it a sloppy coat of white paint and then sanded it down to let the red show through.  I liked the idea of hanging it above the shelf to add some brightness in the room.

1st set 092

laundryroom 058

laundryroom 056


So all in all i love this room, at first i was super motivated to get some laundry done and i am totally over that :)  Now i am going to pile all the laundry back in that i took out to get these pics!!

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