Not exactly sure what to call my “little-dresser-turned-entry-way-table-thing” 

I bought it a while ago @ goodwill for about $35.  It was pretty cute as it was (almost as is – just a coat of paint) but i thought for my entry way i didn’t want it to look like a dresser.

So i chopped the bottom drawer off with just a hand saw, moved the bottom piece of molding up and then added some old table legs that were also cut down.  Repainted the whole thing and added some new handles.

Sorry not the best before pic, i forgot to take a “true” before and this was from a cell phone.


You should know that the top and sides were laminate and you can totally paint laminate – i know a lot of people that are skeeredDONT BE!!!

Normally i don’t sand anything before i paint, but because it was laminate i gave it a light sanding and then just painted a couple coats of white.  And it has all held up just fine – and this does get a lot of wear, all the kids art supplies are in there so we pretty much use it everyday.

entryway.blog 021

**you can see i still haven’t finished painting the legs….nice!!!**

Then i gave it my usual distressing treatment with my 60 grit sandblock and called it good :)

  entryway.blog 018


My posts have been kind of sporadic, sorry!!  Husband comes home from Iraq in 2 weeks and so much to do!!  I haven’t had time for anything, i am so behind on my blog surfing habit, its a little sad :(


But, i will have a framed mirror tutorial in just a couple of days!!