I am sporadic on my postings – I am sorry :)  Its not that i am not busy – it just hasn’t been the fun stuff that you guys all want to see, unless you want to see scrubbing cabinet doors, mopboards and organizing drawers?  I have started on a couple of small projects though – that hopefully i can show you in the next couple of days.

Until then, i have had quite a few questions on one part of my mirror molding that i just posted about.  People are asking about how the side of  the mirror looks.  Whether i overlapped my molding to cover the edge of the mirror – or how i dealt with that.

All i did was line up my molding even with the mirror – then painted the edge of the molding black  to match the mirror.  So now when you look at it from the side it just looks like its all part of the frame.  Make sense?!?!

I normally HATE taping but for this i had to

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Hope that helps :)