{almost done…. :)}



Well, i didnt quite get my closet all the way done yet – i tried but it just didnt happen – another day i guess!  My husband left again on thursday and will be gone for about 6 weeks (just in texas this time) – so hopefully i can bust out a ton of projects and start posting a little more regular!

Its almost done though and heres a little sneak peak…

wedding 258

It should be done tomorrow – hopefully….

Another little sneak peak is my “new” pantry door…IN L.O.V.E

My dad came over today and hung 4 chandeliers for me and helped me get this door hung so i can get working on it – thanks DAD!!

wedding 255

As much as it kills me it will be getting a fresh coat of paint (i hate to cover the green but i want white), a cute little old crystal door knob and some new glass.  And i cant wait to show you guys the inside of the pantry…that will be in a couple of weeks :)