{flowers in old mason jars}



I have been trying to collect old mason jars for a while now – i can think of a ton of things to do with them – too many in fact!  So why i am just barely getting around to using them now?  Who knows!  But i have had this idea in the back of my little head for a while now and now that i refinished my coffee table (will be posting that soon) i thought it is as good as time as any to put them to use :)  And i love when an idea turns out just as i had imagined.

These are three of the blue mason jars that i have been able to find.  Two of them came from goodwill for .50 each and the middle one i just got a couple of days ago from a house that my dad and brother were cleaning out – they clean/gut out houses that have been foreclosed on, i get so much good junk, don’t be jealous :)

santihome, hometour 146

Close up of my little blue beauty… :)

santihome, hometour 145

Here is a larger collection of normal old mason jars.  I cant get enough of these – they are my new love :)  A few of them have the original old zinc lids – very cool.

santihome, hometour 119

I bought three  blue trays from Home Again (a consignment shop here in Utah) a couple of years ago and use them at different spots in my house.  This is the perfect little resting place for my bottles along with a $10 bunch of flowers from Costco.  I am seriously loving it and am loving the little bit of color that it brings in to my otherwise very neutral house.  And for $10 worth of flowers of every couple of weeks it will be easy to keep up – i would pick flowers from my VERY LUSH, flower filled back yard but that’s another story/project for another day :)

santihome, hometour 273 

santihome, hometour 149

santihome, hometour 277

I didn’t dye the water just so you know, the flower must have done that…

santihome, hometour 270


santihome, hometour 268

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**And i know that i promised to show you a couple of updates to the laundry room, but i kind of forgot!  I will get to that in just a couple of days**