I refinished this vanity just before Christmas for a super sweet client, Ilene.  She was so sweet and was so excited to get this vanity done for her daughters Christmas present.  It turned out great :)

**because i know that i will get asked, i don’t know the paint color that i used.  It was a $5 OOPS paint that i got from Lowes – i love this color**


tree 006


not the best pics, these were taken @ night

vanity and tree 2010 024

I love the white primer and the darker cherry wood coming through when it was distressed – and i cant even say enough how much i love distressing a piece of furniture!  1st -  its not something that you can really mess up on, 2nd – its very relaxing (is that weird?!) and 3rd – it really brings out all the details/lines/curves of the furniture.  I think that most furniture really looks flat until you give it a little sanding.  I know that a lot of people are intimidated to take sandpaper to a freshly painted piece of furniture – don’t be!!!  IF you don’t like it then you can just touch it up with a little paint :)

vanity and tree 2010 042

The knobs were replaced with some crystal knobs that i bought @ Hobby Lobby – the best place for knobs :)

vanity and tree 2010 017

vanity and tree 2010 039

The top flipped open – it had some old green felt on the bottom  – i covered that with some black/white fabric that i had

vanity and tree 2010 043

Can you believe 2 posts in 2 days?!  I think this is like a record or something ;)

vanity and tree 2010 025

I’ll be back soon :)