{my craproom – i mean craftroom}


Im lucky enough to have my own craft space (well, i actually have several of my own spaces in this house – my husband doesnt appreciate that very much…more on that later).  But this room WAS a huge mess.  I admit that i am a messy crafter, but really i didnt have time to use this room and it never was really “done” so it just became a space to neatly store chuck all my crap.

Before my husband left to Iraq we got the room finished (well, most of the way) and i painted the walls a creamy yellow.  I have no idea what i was thinking with the yellow – so after he left to Iraq, i painted it a light blue – its easier to re-do things when i dont have to explain the “why’s” about re-painting a room that was just painted ;)

So, i bought a $30 good will dresser, painted it white and then built a giant hutch to set on the dresser – a space big enough to hold all of my crap. 

1st set 005

It worked for a while but when Santi came home from Iraq we finished out the basement floors and i decided i wanted to build my farmhouse table table and go with different shelving that didnt take up so much room.  So the hutch was sold.

But before i cleaned it out – my room looked like this most of the time :)

craftroom before 004

craftroom before 006

Can anyone possibly work in a space like this?!?  And how cute is that table?!  i love it but dont have anywhere for it so its getting a new coat of paint and going up for sale.

craftroom before 009

So, while we were putting in our new flooring i stashed all of my crap in our future home theatre room.  This is a big room – and i took this pic when i had already started moving crap out.  Its a mess…a big fat mess…

craftroom jan 002

So now i have a cleaned out craft room, with my new table that i posted about here.  I built my shelves last weekend and was hoping to finish painting them this week – but i have had a horrible stomach bug and have not been doing anything – which is very hard because i am not a “lay around” kinda girl.

My weekend plan is to get this room done!!  I cant wait to have my room back and spend some time with my new boyfriend table.