{Ana-White plans}

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A few weeks Ana from Ana-White (formerly Knock-Off Wood) contacted me and asked me what i thought about her drawing up some plans for my washer/dryer pedestal.  How could i not be excited?!?  Her site is awesome and being featured on there is very cool and quite an honor :)

If you haven’t visited Ana-White then you need too, right away!  Especially if your in the mood to build something with your bare hands!  She has tons of cute furniture plans that she puts on her site for everyone to use for free.  You can find all sorts of plans there – beds, dressers, tv consoles, kids play stuff, islands – seriously everything and anything you could think of.  She is awesome – go visit her and then build something :) 

Anyways, she drew up the plans for my washer/dryer pedestal and posted all the directions for building, material lists, measurements – all the things that i get emails about all the time that readers want to know about :)

Go and check Ana out!!