{bringing home my work!}


Since i quit my job and working on furniture full time, i couldn’t be happier – seriously words cant even describe how much i am loving it.  In fact, its only been this last week where it has really started to sink in that this is what i “do” now  – I’m not just on a long vacation from that other job – this is my “job” and i am LOVING it!!!

But  – there are hazards to this job!  More on other hazards later – but for now , i just want to show how crazy my house is – these are not pretty pics, sorry, but they may make you feel better about your house :)

My bedroom is the only space in the house with a white wall – i like to take my pics in front of a white wall, so that the colors don’t clash and it just looks cleaner.  So, all this furniture when its done or almost done, gets brought into my entry way or family room and then works its way to my room for pics – its crazy in here!!

I do planning on painting a white wall in my basement this weekend where i can take my pics and then i will be able to take everything downstairs – that will help big time.  Santi and the kids can only handle the maze that they have to walk through to get to the bathroom or their rooms for so long :)

In the family room…

furniture 3 001

Some more in the family room…

furniture 3 002

The entry way…

furniture 3 003

The office by the front door…

furniture 3 005

In the entry way…dont step on the drawer fixin parts…

furniture 3 006

And in my room…only that black dresser is mine…(color on walls is comfort gray by SW because i know i will get some emails!)

furniture 3 008

HA HA!! – how would you like to live in that mess??!!  I need to get in under control soon, because i look at my crazy garage full of furniture all day and then come inside and have to look at more furniture!!!