{Springified entry way}


While i am waiting for paint to dry, i thought i would take a few pics of my “springified” entry way.  Even though – the weather outside is crap – not very springy here at all :(

This is what it looked like last week…I am really bad and don’t change things up much around here – i always think i am going to, but other things come up.  But this is a perfect spot to change up, since its a pretty big spot and i can see it from the main areas of my house.

jute rug 011

And after…I changed out the wood architectural piece above the rod for a old long window.  I took down the pics of the kids, and hung mason jars from the rod.  Then i changed out my wreath for my tissue one that i posted about here.  And then, just changed out a few of the knick knack stuff to make it a little lighter. 

entry way 014

Isn’t it fresher for the summer?!  And i have fresh flowers throughout the house – so this is another perfect spot to bring in some fun color :) 

entry way 016

I hung the mason jars with twine – and when i hung the rod, i hung it on studs, which was good because with the water in all the jars, it is pretty heavy. 

entry way 024

For the window, i cut out letters on the cricut, laid it out, and then used the negative space for my stencil.  After i painted it, i took a 60 grit sand block and scuffed up the paint.  **So – side note here – i have this awesome craft room – that i haven’t used even once!!  Speaking of which, i still need to post that – sorry, i get side tracked :) **

entry way 001

entry way 017

Love the dust on the rod!!!  Haha!! 

entry way 018

Then i just added some accessories that i found throughout the house.  A fake (yes its fake – but i think its cute) ikea plant, an old metal oil can, an old metal tool box with candles (love me a toolbox, wood or metal – i have them everywhere!!), some candlesticks and my big ol milk tin that i love :)

entry way 027

entry way 028 

entry way 030

 And i love how much space this rod/window/dresser thing takes up.  We have 10ft ceilings and i love how much wall space it uses.  And, when spring is over, i can scrape the paint off the window and change it up for the next season.

entry way 032

entry way 033

And, think of all the other things that you can put in the mason jars.   How cute would it be with some sand and candles?!  In the winter – some espson salt with some tea light candles?!  And you could hang other things with the mason jars – or mix it up – what about some little tin buckets with flowers or some branches, – freaking cute….

And there it is…my springified entry way!  I have a couple more springy spaces that i am hoping to finish this week and i will be back :)