{Dresser turned TV Console} before & after

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Ive had this ordinary dresser in my furniture stash for a few months and finally finished it up a couple days ago – I was so glad to finally get it done and Im lovin’ the way it turned out.

My client needed  a TV console, so the top 2 drawers were removed and the middle cabinet door was taken off (sorry, I cant find the pic of the “oh so beautiful gold trimmed drawers and cabinet”, it was gorg – bummer).


Once the drawers were removed, I cut some MDF to fit where the top drawers used to be. Then I got some tiny little decorative trim and put that around each drawer opening and the cupboard opening – just to give everything a finished look.


Then the dresser was primed and painted “Gris” by SW.  I distressed everything and then used ebony Minwax stain to glaze it – same process as I did in the dresser in this post.  Then I clear coated it with a high gloss poly by Varathane – my favorite brand by the way.

And then when all was done…



Love the basket storage, perfect for remotes and stuff :) in my house I would find candy wrappers and q-tips in there.



Loved the way the glaze set in all that little trim molding and the molding going across the top of the dresser.




And there ya have it, a standard boring everyday dresser can be transformed into something AWESOME!!!  Love it!!!


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  1. HarlleeDesign
    HarlleeDesign says:

    That is a great idea! I love how you added trim around the drawer openings. I will be on the lookout for a dresser.

  2. Carwin Candids
    Carwin Candids says:

    This is Amazing!!!!! You have serious talent! I am awed and inspired by what you do! I feel like going and transforming half of my house…..if only I had the time!
    Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.
    Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. says:

    Beautiful! I'm working on a very similar project for my daughter. Isn't it satisfying to create something new!

  4. Tedi Palmer
    Tedi Palmer says:

    Oh I'm in LOVE with that color! Do you cut your own stuff? or have someone else cut your wood? The reason I ask is my hubby wouldn't let me cut anything, he had to do it. :) I am seriously in love with that stand!

  5. Kim @ Cheap Chic Home
    Kim @ Cheap Chic Home says:

    That looks so great. I like the knobs you used, too. Did you do a post on your distressed wood wall hanging? That's just perfect for photo shoots.

  6. Jamie K
    Jamie K says:

    Do you have a tutorial showing how you cut the MDF to line where the drawers were?
    Would love to do that..but not real sure how to get the exact measurements to work.
    Do you have a secret?

    • Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins}
      Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins} says:

      nope, no secret! the easiest way is to take off the back of the dresser and put the wood in that way. but you are going to have to do a lot of measuring and drawing out the shape, because the inside of the drawers arent going to be perfect squares, there most likely will be lots of indents/jots so its going to look like a puzzle piece by the time that you get it cut out. Its the most tedious process, but if you want to have perfect seems, then get out your measuring tape and straight edge!

  7. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    This is beautiful and you have inspired me to begin a project just like this except I have no idea where to begin. I see you explained how you did it but would you mind giving me detailed instructions.


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