{Before & After} – Antique Desk & where i’ve been!!

I cant believe its been 3 weeks since i last posted!!  Where has time gone?!  I was trying to be better about posting/blogging this year, but sometimes life just gets in the way!

I have been super busy in the shop.  I just finished up a full kitchen cabinet job that took up almost 2 weeks, lots of late nights and working weekends, but that job was finished up on on monday and im now back in the shop – where i like to be :)

I have also hired (and fired) a few people.  That has been tough!  The first 2 just didnt work out, but i think my 3rd guy is the one.  Third times a charm, right?  It has been so helpful to have someone that is there full time to help out.  Its scary to think about not only paying myself, but to pay someone else, but i just cant do it by myself anymore.

And then my segment on the Nate Show re-aired a few days ago, so HI everyone new!!  I still havent gotten to emails from the 1st airing, now i have so many more!!!


Anyways – i was excited to get this little antique desk painted.  Its probably not a color i would have chose for this desk (it was picked out by my client), but i love the way it turned out and will definitely be using the same color on another piece in the future.

This is a small desk, only a couple feet high.  I love the girly details, especially the curvy legs.  It was missing one drawer, so i took out the other one and built shelves to give it a finished look.  I finished that off with a little trim.

After some shelves/trim…

Next, it was painted a fun green and then distressed.

the 411

Color = Mesclun Green by Sherwin Williams

Crystal Knobs = Hobby Lobby


I have also listed a few new things in the Sweet Pickins Shop, so go and check those out!!!