{Before & After} – Antique Desk & where i’ve been!!

I cant believe its been 3 weeks since i last posted!!  Where has time gone?!  I was trying to be better about posting/blogging this year, but sometimes life just gets in the way!

I have been super busy in the shop.  I just finished up a full kitchen cabinet job that took up almost 2 weeks, lots of late nights and working weekends, but that job was finished up on on monday and im now back in the shop – where i like to be :)

I have also hired (and fired) a few people.  That has been tough!  The first 2 just didnt work out, but i think my 3rd guy is the one.  Third times a charm, right?  It has been so helpful to have someone that is there full time to help out.  Its scary to think about not only paying myself, but to pay someone else, but i just cant do it by myself anymore.

And then my segment on the Nate Show re-aired a few days ago, so HI everyone new!!  I still havent gotten to emails from the 1st airing, now i have so many more!!!


Anyways – i was excited to get this little antique desk painted.  Its probably not a color i would have chose for this desk (it was picked out by my client), but i love the way it turned out and will definitely be using the same color on another piece in the future.

This is a small desk, only a couple feet high.  I love the girly details, especially the curvy legs.  It was missing one drawer, so i took out the other one and built shelves to give it a finished look.  I finished that off with a little trim.

After some shelves/trim…

Next, it was painted a fun green and then distressed.

the 411

Color = Mesclun Green by Sherwin Williams

Crystal Knobs = Hobby Lobby


I have also listed a few new things in the Sweet Pickins Shop, so go and check those out!!!

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  1. Lynn @ Scrapity Anne
    Lynn @ Scrapity Anne says:

    Gorgeous!! What a beautiful job you did. I love the distressing most of all. I’m painting my end table and coffee table right now (from wood orange to white) and it’s been a major project! That’s some hard work! But it’s coming out so well that I’m thrilled and want to work on more furniture. Keep it up, I can’rt wait to see more!
    You’re newest follower

    Lynn @ Scrapity Anne

  2. Bonnie
    Bonnie says:

    Reminds me of the Vanity I painted with Annie Sloan’s Antibes Green!
    Great job on the distressing, it’s just enough and live how you improvised for the lack of the one drawer. I too vowed to blog more frequently this year, and I don’t even have half of what you have going on, don’t feel bad!! LOL

  3. Mandy
    Mandy says:

    Wow!! Beautiful little desk! You’re right, that’s not the color I would have picked…but it sure does look great! I’m so glad you’re so busy, that is awesome!!

  4. Sandra Licher
    Sandra Licher says:

    Boy oh boy…I sure wish I lived in SLC…..I’d be over in a heart beat! LOL! It’s probably good I’m not or I’d be broke. I have a thing for furniture….why couldn’t I like glassware or collect thimbles or something…..NOPE!!!! I love BIG things….like old barns, houses and furniture! Thanks for sharing your beautiful projects and I hope your new employee works out for you.

  5. Erin{LavenderandLemonDrops)
    Erin{LavenderandLemonDrops) says:

    You seriously rock! Congrats on finding the right help and how freakin awesome is that! I love seeing all of the beautiful furniture you refinish and I’m so glad that your business continues to boom! P.S. I’m DYING to get a mid-century dresser for me room. Any ideas/help?

    • Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins}
      Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins} says:

      thanks so much, you are sweet!

      I wished i would have known a couple weeks ago that you wanted a mid-cent dresser, i passed up an awesome one @ an auction. I will keep an eye out for you though and let you know if i come across another one soon :)

  6. Sondra
    Sondra says:

    I love that color. Really wouldn’t have a place for it in my house, but I guess you can’t have every color! I am a new follower and am so glad I found your blog. I love seeing all the furniture pieces. I have always loved repurposed furniture and especially painted and distressed. It just speaks to me. Thanks for sharing with us and I’m looking forward to seeing much more from you.

  7. Jenny from Jersey
    Jenny from Jersey says:

    Here you go again making such an old poor soul look unique! Love the color! So glad you have posted some updated things, I was really missing your inspiring works of art, since your first airing on the Nate show, I have become a junkie for all old things, so thank you for sharing your world of design with all of us.


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