{Old Door turned Jewelry Holder}


Ive been meaning to do a project for years that i saw  in a magazine to hold jewelry – but i STILL havent gotten around to it!!  But, i did think of another idea the other day that would be quick & easy, so i actually got to this one!

I started with an old single panel door (sorry no before pic) and painted it White Raisin by Sherwin Williams, my new favorite yellow.  Then i distressed the door with an electric sander and did a very light dry brushing of white.

Then i found some simple white porcelain knobs @ Hobby Lobby and layed them out in 3 rows and then 3 matching hooks on the bottom.  Im not really a measurer, so i just eyeballed everything, thats how i do things around here.

Then after all the holes were drilled and knobs screwed in, i brought it home and put it in my room.  Im loving the yellow in my room against the white and blue/green walls.  Ive been trying to incorporate a little yellow in my room for a while, so this is just the right amount of color.  This could be hung on the wall, but im liking it just leaning.

If i were to do this again, i would probably add some more knobs because i have so much more jewelry!  I still may go back and add some more…

Anyways, i love how it turned out and i love how much easier it is to see what i have!!  Even though i hardly get to wear any of it…. i dont think jewelry goes well with paint covered sweat pants and t-shirts :)

I have tons of these single panel doors laying around, so if your interested in one of your own in the color of your choice, just email me!


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