{New Listings & Updated Page}

I am dwindling down to the last of my unfinished furniture in my shop!!  In fact, last week i only had a couple of pieces left and i got a few more over the weekend.  When i moved into the shop about 6 months ago, i was stacked to the rafters with stuff to do!  Now, my space is cleared out and looking pretty good!

I  have a page on my blog to post unfinished furniture, and if you have ever checked there, its been empty.  But, i finally managed to get some pics of what i have left to refinish.  Lately, about 75% of what i refinish are custom orders so my own stuff gets pushed to the side, but ive get some pieces that im excited to work on!

Anyways, you can now see what i have thats waiting for its perfect color and perfect home!  Just click on the Available for Refinishing tab on the menu bar.  I will try my best to keep it updated!

And i just listed a few new pieces in the Sweet Pickins Shop – head here to check them out!!