The house is a mess…keeping it real post

(aren’t those the most gorg flowers you’ve ever seen?!)

I always love when i look at another blog and see a post filled with pretty pics of their house.  It gives me tons of inspiration/motivation.  But i also love when i come upon a blog post of the “for realz” pics.  When pics are shown of everyday life and you leave that blog feeling that they are just like you – that they dont have a perfect, photo worthy, spotless, i am perfect all the time  house.  Know what i mean?

Well, lately i have a bajillion things going on and i am completely overwhelmed and underwhelmed all at the same time.  I have a ton of ideas of what i want to do in our house and get super excited to get them started but then dont have the motivation to finish them up!

Take my entry way for example, i added planks in there about 3 weeks ago and cant quite seem to finish painting it.  Thats on my TO DO list TODAY!!  Well…its been on my TO DO list every day, but today for sure….

Oh, and then Santi is out of town for a week so i thought that i would bust out the kitchen cabinet painting job.  Uh huh – before i finished my entry.  Got all the doors off…thats about it.  Cleaning/taping is on my TO DO list tomorrow…

And while Santi is out of town, all we do is eat out – bad i know.  This is my nightstand, i love McD’s coke!!  And why i have a smoke alarm in a refrigerator shelve thingy next to my bed……no clue!

And check out my pretty laundry room…not so pretty now is it?  Looks like the dog found something yummy.  Oh ya…

Then as we walk down to the basement there is project after project – all half done…

Lets step into the backyard shall we?  Looks all pretty from here right?

(ahhh, this pic makes me happy, i love crazy yards with lots of random plants)

But you see that concrete mess?  Long story that i will do a post on later, but my stain from last year all came up.  OH MAN!!!  So i decided to do an acid stain instead and it looks like rust…not what i was going for…this pic doesnt do the rust justice – believe me.

Wanna take a ride on the chair train anyone?

And im seriously almost too embarassed to show this pic – but im keeping it real.  This is the future waterfall.  This is not my project.  Santi has been working on this FOREVER and cant get it right.  He resorted to bringing in that plastic liner thing – not good.  Buddha is not happy sitting there in this rock quarry – he told me ;)

Then as we come back into the house we see the family room – the slipcovers are in serious need of washing.   All that gymnastics, eating on the couches, movie watching and dog snot is making them look a little shabby and not in a good way.  Gotta love bleachable slipcovers!

Then as we stroll to the kids bathroom – not horrible but not good.  Chips anyone while you go pee?  Multi tasking i guess.

Why does that girl keep popping up in all my pics?

And lastly, my craftroom.  Ahhh – my junkroom.  Everything and anything gets thrown in here.  I actually cleaned it up a couple weeks ago so its not too bad in here, normally you cant see the floor or get in the door.  But i really want to do a post on this room because i love it – but im just too lazy busy to clean it…soon.  See a couple christmas things there – ya, i just took those down from my entry – seriously!

So, i sit here on my table that is covered in dust waiting for motivation to strike.  So much too do, so many ideas, but serious lack of motivation because there is just too much going on.  And i know that i bring it on myself.  I like to be busy, i like projects.  But i need a new system.

But,with that being said,  i love that i can have a messy house and not freak about it (well, for a bit anyways).  I love that our house is lived in.  I love that our kids see us doing  projects and them wanting to help out (that is HUGE for me).  I love that our kids arent afraid to make a little mess or spill something because we will freak out.  I love that everyone pitches in @ chore time to get’em done, mostly without complaint.   I love that this house is about all of us.

Like i said overwhelmed and underwhelmed all at the same time….

K – off to paint…maybe…