{I’ve got it all figured out…} thinking out loud


For some time now i have been a little stumped with how i want to decorate my upstairs living area.  I thought i had it all good about the time that i filmed my house for the Nate Show – but then after that i wanted to change things up a bit, you know how that is!  So i removed some of my furniture, planked a few walls, added some furniture, painted my walls, changed out my pillows a hundred times – but it still wasn’t feeling the way i wanted it to feel.

Part of my problem is that i really like a lot of styles!  I would look at some pics online and really like the whole neutral, monochromatic thing that they had going on with no color and lots of natural elements.  But i also would really love the pics of neutral walls and painted furniture with pops of color and more of a hodge podge of decor and the collected over time look.

What to do, what to do…

So, i made a decision to go with the monochromatic look.  I bought all neutral pillows for the family room, brought in some neutral furniture that i had, painted the walls, got rid of some colorful things that i had in the main areas and lived with that for a while.

I never took pics of what i had going on, because after living with it for a bit it wasnt me.  Then things got busy again with the basement and everything just kinda stayed the way it was.  Until now.

The other day i brought up an old dresser that we had in the basement that we decided not to use for our bathroom vanity and replaced it where a neutral  tall chest was.  Then i had a quilt that i needed to hang up, but just layed it across the couch instead and it was perfect.  It hit me that i love color and more, i love the hodge podge thrown together look.  So i gathered up some random pillows and put them together on the couch.

I love the neutral furniture with pops of color.  And i super duper love vintagey colorful items, such as my quilts and puff pillow, the old yellow dresser thats been in the fam forever and my favorite ever old green door coffee table.  All of these work together perfectly with my white couches and neutral walls and flooring.

(my growing quilt collection on my old, very tall ladder)

So now i have it all figured out!!  I am going to decorate with color!  I tried the other way, and while i still love the neutral monochromatic look – for my space, right now, the way to go is bring in lots of pieces that i love that have meaning and history and work all those colors and textures into my space.

And my dining room table with be getting a facelift with my new very colorful rug i ordered for under it!!  I actually got it today so i snapped a pic with my phone – its so cute!  It looks like an old granny quilt!  And my little Charley already loves it ;)

(the black is too heavy and i want to swap out the top for something more “farmhouse-natural”)


I am super excited that i have things finally going in the direction that i want and have lots of fun projects planned!