{Dresser #139} – Before & After


Beachy Dresser

When i started working on this dresser, i wasn’t too inspired.  The yucky puke brown paint made this dresser super blah and boring and didn’t excite me too much.

I actually was so uninspired that i was couldn’t decide on a paint color, which normally that is the easy part because certain pieces just “speak” to me and i go with it.  I ended up deciding to paint it a creamy yellow and then glaze it.  I even got the paint out and put the dresser in my paint booth and then at the last second i decided to go with white.  I thought white with a black glaze will be perfect.


So, i started painting the white and when i got to the drawers it hit me that the drawers look like old planks or bead board.  Perfect!  Right then i knew exactly what direction to take this dresser!  That poop brown paint clearly clouded my vision!

After everything was painted white and dry, i lightly brushed some blue green paint (custom mixed color) on every other stripe.  I didn’t try to cover the white up perfect because i knew that i would be heavily distressing everything.

beach dresser

On the back of this dresser was this awesome # stamp.  Since under the mirror was this big empty space that was pretty plain, i decided to put those same #’s on with a little paint.

beach dresser

To make my stencil for the #’s, i just used my cricut, i think i used the plantin schoolbook cartridge.

beach dresser

All i did was lay out my cut #’s and trace an outline with a pencil…


Then i just used a small craft paint brush and painted in the #’s – again i wasnt perfect as i knew i would be distressing this piece heavily


After everything was painted, i used my orbital sander and distressed everything.  As you can see i also removed all the paint from the top, i loved the natural wood color with the look of the rest of the dresser.  I think it was the perfect beachy combo :)

I didnt clear coat this dresser, after sanding it the dresser was satiny smooth and clearly already distressed so natural distressing will only add to it.  Plus not clear coating it added to that worn, beachy look rather than giving it any kind of shine.  I did put a coat of wax on the wood top.








Isnt it funny that it took painting this dresser the clean white for me to see past the poop paint!  Once it was white, i knew exactly what to do and i LOVE the way it turned out!  This relaxed, beachy super distressed look is exactly what i love :)

The 411

Paint – Sherwin Williams Dover White

Blue/Green – custom concoction my muah!  Sorry!

Top – Natural wood topped with clear wax

Hardware – Hobby Lobby