I was doing so good trying to post more regularly, but then Santi went out of town for all of last week and i just got busy doing other stuff and i just didnt get around to posting – but im back now :)


I am getting ready to do a little re-do on my room, nothing big.  Just changing up the paint and adding a couple little things that i have been waiting forever to do.  And i realized i have never shown pics of my room before…

I couldnt find a real before pic.  When we moved in we had white walls and nothing else.  The only thing we brought with us from our old house was our bedroom set.  As a quick fix i painted the walls April Thicket by Valspar.

Sweet Pickins Furniture - April Thicket by Valspar

Then, when Santi was deployed and went to Iraq for about a year and 1/2, i decided to add board and batten molding and repaint the walls.  I actually promised a LONG time ago that i would show pics of how i did the board and batten – sorry about that!  I promise i will get to it this week.  But looking back at the pics i took of when i did it, they arent great!

So after the board and batten was done and the walls repainted, this is how it looked.  These pics were actually taken about a year and half ago when i went on the Nate Show.  A lot has already changed in this room since then!

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Comfort Gray

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Comfort Gray

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Comfort Gray

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Comfort Gray

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Comfort Gray

I love my old ladder hanging above the windows.  The curtains would have looked funny taking them all the way to the ceiling because there is so much wall space, the ladder filled up the space perfectly.

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Comfort Gray

You can see that we dont have a door going into our bathroom.  The toilet is in its own separate room, but the vanity, shower and tub are all seen from the bedroom.  I seriously hate that now that we have lived with it for a while.  So thats one of the things that will be changing.

Sweet Pickins Furniture - Comfort Gray

I learned long ago that i get bored easily and like change.  The best thing i ever did was buy the white comforter from target (which they still have by the way), and then i change out my quilt and pillows (this one was from Homegoods) when i get bored, which is often :)

Thats my room!  When i get my changes made i will be sure to post.  But i will get working on that board and batten post this week :)

The 411

1st pic paint color – April Thicket by Valspar

The rest of the pics paint color – Comfort Gray by Sherwin Williams and Valspar Ultra White

Bedroom Furniture – RC Willey

Bedding – white comforter @ Target.  Quilt @ Homegoods, blue sweater shams @ Nate Berkus line, a long time ago, 2 cream pillows @ Costco


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  1. Stacey
    Stacey says:

    Your room is beautiful! Your DH must feel like he’s coming home to a new house if you change things up while he is deployed. ;) Who by the way, I thank for his service and sacrifice, as well as, yours. It is truly appreciated!

  2. Keri Lohse
    Keri Lohse says:

    I saw you on the Nate Show and that’s how I’ve been following your blog ever since. I love it. My husband and I have since rented a 10×12 space at an antique mall in Cincinnati, Ohio. We use ALOT of your tips to help make the furniture beautfiul and wanted again.

    I love your style and colors of choice. You inspire me.

    AND…I must add that I really miss Nate a lot.

    I didn’t know until this post that your husband serves/served our country. Please tell him thank you for us.

  3. Clydia
    Clydia says:

    Sausha I really am smitten with your bedroom. The wall color, the bed & …well all of it! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve been looking for a good wall color for our bedroom and April Thicket may just be the one. :)

  4. Leah :)
    Leah :) says:

    LOVE your bedroom!!! I have had my heart set on either your exact bed or a dark steel, streamlined version. I’m also in love with white pin tuck comforters!! I too get bored very easy. I’m obsessed with white but love being able to switch out bright colorful pillows/throws/accessories.

    Strange Question about your bed…does the frame ever get in your eye sight while watching tv?? I am Definately a tv-in-the-bedroom type of girl & have always wondered that for some reason!

    You are amazingly talented! Words cannot even begin to express how much I love your home! Keep it up, girlie!!

    If I only lived closer so I could buy some of your pieces…..

    • Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins}
      Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins} says:

      ahh – thanks, your very sweet!

      The one post does get in my way when im watching tv because of where our tv is at. If i scoot over a bit its good, but sometimes it is a little annoying if my husband is already asleep and im telling him to move over!

  5. carol jane
    carol jane says:

    Your room is so pretty. I need to get moving on my master also. The walls in the photo look green, not gray. Does it have a green undertone? I have been looking at that comforter from Target too, for along time, I love it, however I think I would always be trying to smooth it out and that would drive me crazy. Its very pretty though.

    • Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins}
      Sausha @ {Sweet Pickins} says:

      the comfort gray def does have a green undertone – more so in my bathroom where we keep the shutters closed so not a lot of natural light comes in

  6. Mindi
    Mindi says:

    Such a beautiful room! I love the ladder too! And thanks for the tip on the comforter, I NEED one and the white is perfect! Can’t wait to see the changes you make, you amaze me!

  7. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    Thank you for sharing your room pics- they are great! I spotted in your bathroom the 3 tiered wire baskets, can you share where you got this. I would love to have one like it. Thanks

  8. Cindy Owens
    Cindy Owens says:

    Love your work!!! May I ask you a question about the color of your bedroom set?
    I have an off white set that I want dark and I can’t tell if yours is stained or painted.
    Do you have any suggestions as to what color I could use to get as close to yours as possible???
    All of your work is such a great inspiration!


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